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September 30, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #33

My little Rosie enjoyed the crisp fall weather today.

She spent the afternoon chasing a ball around like a wild girl.

And eventually,
she managed to chew a hole in it...
like every other ball.

Such trouble.

But at least she was less trouble today
than she was earlier in the week...
when she ate a bunch of nuts and things from around the yard
and threw up on the recently cleaned family room rug.



September 25, 2012

Simple Black and Orange Tabletop

Thank you to everyone who chimed in yesterday
with advice on sheets!

I slept in those wrinkled disasters last night
and they were actually pretty comfortable.
I guess I will keep them
(as long as they are well hidden under the duvet)
but I will continue my quest to find the perfect sheets!

Onto other things...

 When I was out at a garden center yesterday,
I found this great black and orange fabric.
It was already the width of a runner
and they sold it by the yard for I think around 2.99 per yard. 
It is actually a little longer than shown in the picture
but I just folded the two ends under for now.

I think it works well as a runner
to keep on the table through Halloween.

Last year I went much lighter for my everyday look...
I am sure this year,
I will be using those white pumpkins somewhere!

I think the black and orange plaid feels very warm and  fall-like.
Who knows, I might get ambitious this week
and do a full table setting around it!

And did you notice,
I am now attempting to add the watermark to my pictures?
Take that all you blog thieves!


September 24, 2012

Advice Needed on Bed Sheets!

I swear, I should never buy anything
without properly researching it first!

Yesterday, I happened to be in Macy's during a sale and decided to buy some new sheets.  I tend to go for percale over sateen.  Sateen can sometimes feel too slippery-silky for me.  Normally, I like a nice, crisp percale with a high thread count.  I once had a set of Calvin Klein sheets that felt like butter.  I have yet to find another set as wonderful as those...

Anyway, so I found a set of 400 count percale Martha Stewart sheets and asked if there were any other percale that they carry.  Apparently, this was the only one they had listed as "percale" so I decided to buy them.  They were on sale plus I had a coupon.  The sheets even claimed to be "wrinkle resistant", which usually doesn't matter too much to me.  I have some Wamsutta sheets that don't claim to be "wrinkle resistant," and they are just fine.  Anyway, I washed the new "wrinkle resistant" sheets last night and put them on the bed this morning.

Does this look like "wrinkle resistant" to you?!!!

I don't think so!!!

How awful is that?!!  The problem is, that I threw out all the packaging they came in.  I have the receipt but I don't think Macy's would take them back without anything else.  What do you think, should I even try?

So, now I am researching sheets
and would love your advice.

What are your favorite sheets?

September 23, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #32

Rosie is not much of a barker.
Sure, she will bark every now and then.
But she is generally a quiet dog.

Look at that little smile!

But when Rosie does bark,
it's usually for a reason.

Her bark is a real deep, "woof, woof"
and I like it because it's her voice.
She is making herself known.

And she definitely made herself known this week...
I was in the kitchen and I heard all this crazy barking
coming from the deck.
And this is what I found.

She was obsessed
with the hot air balloon flying overhead.

She barked and barked as the balloon
traveled across the neighborhood...

She wouldn't stop until it was completely out of sight.

It sure was the big excitement for Rosie's week!

Did you have anything exciting happen this week?


September 18, 2012

Fall Table Setting with Apples

It is starting to feel like fall around here.

So I decided to celebrate with a table setting!
And since I just bought a bunch of apples,
I thought I would use them in the place of a runner...
and as the inspiration for the colors.

Wheat also feels like fall to me.

I have had these red and cream checked placemats for years.
I think I bought them in a country store in Vermont.

But since I only have four of the checked placemats,
I used the cream colored ones on the ends...
 and picked up the red in the wine glasses.
This worked out well
because I only had four of the amber colored glasses too!

I added more red with the pillows I bought from Marshall's
a couple months ago.

The casual napkins add to the country feel.
(Which is basically my excuse for not ironing them!)

The amber glasses were from Southern Living at Home
which is now called Willow House.
I don't think they carry them anymore though.

Too bad it is rainy out.
It doesn't do much for the lighting in here.

So, there is my first table setting of the fall
using things I already own...
and some apples.


September 16, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #31

Golden Retrievers are known to be a very "mouthy breed"
so Rosie must be a typical Golden!

She is always chewing on something!

She had a great time chasing after this ball...
until she decided to carry it (and pop it!)

Even with her cone on after getting spayed,
she had to have something in her mouth!

She is obsessed with bully sticks
and will chew them up in one sitting.
I take them away as soon as they get small enough to choke on.

Luckily, most of her soft toys have been spared.
She will chew on them a little 
but she mostly likes to just carry them around... she does with the newspaper.

Enjoy your week everyone!


September 13, 2012

Little Changes Make Such a Difference

We just had some new plumbing fixtures installed!
Woo hoo!

Yes, I know that may not seem very exciting to you.
But let me tell you, I am thrilled!

Say hello to my new kitchen faucet...

This is Brantford by Moen.
And what a difference a new faucet makes!

Since I forgot to take a picture of the old faucet.
You will have to take a look in the background here...
See it way back there?
That was my Kohler Forte.

It worked fine for a few years but the covering for the sprayer broke off, it leaked a little and then it eventually came loose from the counter.

Needless to say, it was time to go!  I decided against the same Kohler faucet because when I read the reviews, there were many complaints. So, I picked out the Moen Brantford and I love it!

But because I have a very frugal husband who doesn't want to pay for a plumber to do just ONE job, I had to wait until I found another plumbing issue that needed to be addressed.

Then we discovered that our master bathroom toilet had a leak!  Hooray!  Now, it wasn't dripping out of the toilet or anything as alarming as that.  It was just having some kind of internal issue...anyway who cares what it was!  All that mattered was I needed a plumber!  And because my husband now loves the new comfort height/extended bowl toilet in our guest bathroom, he agreed we could get a NEW toilet in the master instead of just replacing it!  It's like I hit the jackpot!  LOL!

Yes, here it is...very exciting.

Of course, it is shaped a little different from the old one
and now I have to paint behind it.  Oh well!

Now everyone is happy - especially the plumber!  I still can't get over how expensive they are!  But the faucet and the toilet are working great!

Sometimes little changes really do make a big difference!

Have you made any little changes in your house lately?

September 11, 2012

Tuesday the 11th

Every September 11th,
I end up turning on the TV
as they read the names
of the people we lost.

Even if the TV is just on in the background
as I go about my morning routine,
I hear the names
and my heart breaks for those people all over again.

This morning is a beautiful, clear, sunny day.
It reminds me so much of that morning back in 2001.
And September 11th falls on a Tuesday this year.

We live about an hour from New York City so needless to say,
I will never forget that morning.

Even though we didn't lose any close family or friends,
we lived through hours of fear until we heard from loved ones.

We thought we lost my sister in law
who worked on one of the top floors.
It was a miracle
that she happened to be meeting a client for breakfast
in the Marriot on the first floor that morning.
But we didn't know that for several hours
until we finally heard from her.
She had even been in her office earlier that morning
and it was the last time she saw so many of her co-workers.
I know today is hard for her
as it is each year.

We will never forget.


September 8, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #30

After a rain shower this week,
Rosie decided it would be fun to play
in some very muddy puddles. 
Being messy is so much fun...

Look at those legs!

This is why having a white carpet is never a good idea! 
I couldn't let "dirty doggy" back in the house like that,
so we hosed her down.

My son was more than happy to help. 

And I think Rosie enjoyed it too! 

 So then "dirty doggy",
turned into "smelly wet doggy".

And because we must have gotten some water in her ears,
a couple days later she became "ear infection doggy"!

We took her to the vet this morning
and now we have to clean her ears and put drops in every day.

Never a dull moment... 

Any trips to the vet for you this weekend?


September 3, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #29

Weekend Pupdate has rolled over to Monday this week
since I have had some wireless problems here at the beach.

We will be packing up to head home soon.
Even Rosie looks sad.

She enjoyed her week here
and enjoyed playing with the extended family.

My mother in law worked with her on the leash...thank you!
And Rosie walked everywhere this week.

Well, except the beach and boardwalk!

But we all enjoyed the beautiful blue moon the other night!

Now Rosie will have to switch gears with the rest of us.
Instead of trips to the beach,
she'll be making trips to the bus stop with me each day.

It's been a fun summer!

How did you spend your Labor Day Weekend?

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