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July 14, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #22

Since we have been home from the beach,
Rosie's life has returned to normal.

She went back to retrieving the morning paper,

and took up her old hobby of watching golf on TV.

She is happy to show
that she officially sleeps on her dog bed
instead of in her crate now!

Although sometimes she prefers the kitchen floor.
(She likes to sleep with a toy too!)

But the big new this week
was getting our invisible fence installed!
The company still has to train her on it
so it will be some time before the flags get removed.
(I am sure our lawn guys will be thrilled mowing around them!)

Rosie is going to have the best time
running around without a leash!

Anything new at your house this week?


  1. Rosie has grown into a beautiful lady!

  2. What a cutie!!! She looks so sweet, I bet you guys will have so many great memories with her. Bella loves to bark at other dogs on tv. I think she gets jealous ;) have a great weekend!

  3. Rosie is smart and beautiful. As a lifelong Southern California girl who doesn't get out much, I have never heard of an invisible fence. Sounds interesting!

  4. Heather, an invisible fence is kind of an electric fence put a few inches underground around the perimeter of your property. The dog wears a special collar when she is outside and if she goes near the "fence" it buzzes. If she gets too close to it, it will zap her. I know it may sound cruel, but everyone I know who uses it says that once the dog gets trained, they learn the perimeters and don't go through it. Believe me, I was freaked out by the whole idea in the beginning but with two acres, my "frugal" husband wasn't about to put up a physical fence!

  5. She is gorgeous!!! If we weren't gone so much, i would definitely get a dog. She looks like she fits right into your family perfectly!

  6. She is so cute. I had thought about one of those invisible fences for Bailey, but she does well staying in the back without one.

  7. Rosie is so beautiful. I love the shot of her watching golf. I can imagine what she'd be like on a golf course -- she'd do crazy chasing the golf balls.

    She shows that she is a real Jersey girl carrying in The Star Ledger!


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