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July 31, 2012

The New Map

My son's room went through a bit of a transformation recently
as shown here...

When I posted the change,
I still needed to add some wall art and accessories.

He wanted a US map... 
and today it arrived!

As you can see,
I didn't hang it yet.
I propped it on his dresser
where he said he wanted it hung.

It looks fine...
but maybe that wall needs more.

Then I moved it above his desk...
Please excuse the mess.
I didn't stage the room for any pictures!

But I have to admit,
I think I like it better above the desk.

Let's look again...



We'll see if he has any strong opinions
when he gets home from camp this afternoon.

What do you think?
Any strong opinions either way?
(Not that the 8 year old will listen!)

Thanks and have a great day!

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  1. I've always loved maps in boy's rooms. I think I like it above the dresser better since the desk area already has a lot going on. Let us know what an 8 year old would do! :)

  2. Great map! Love the colors for this room! I am obsessed with the US map right, trying to commit the states, capitals and geography to memory is tough for a 41 year old. So much for the rote memorization technique of my childhood. Maybe having a map in your son's room will help him commit it all to memory for life!

  3. It does look good above the desk, but will he be able to see it that high? Either place is good.

  4. I am a huge map fan. I think I like it better above the dresser but the desk may be more useful - if he needs to look at it while doing homework, etc. I guess that's not much help though...

  5. Hi Shelley! I'm with you. I like the map above the desk. Could you get another map to put above the dresser?

  6. Love it! I actually bought some cheap paper maps to decorate with just the other day. I like it better above the dresser.

  7. Great map! Sometimes it's fun to just prop a large piece like that so you can move it around if your want.
    Mary Alice

  8. what a nice looking map! i like desk, but i think the above commenter had a great point with propping it so you could move it if you wanted to.

  9. The mere fact that your son wanted to have a US map in his room says a lot of good things about him. :) Great choice, too!

  10. I like the proportions of your map over the dresser, but I'd hang it where your son will look at it most and dream of traveling to far off places. (I see he already has a globe on his desk, too.) We always had U.S. and World maps hanging in our playroom. They make great art and do really interest kids in geography. They're so fun to look at, and you just can't help but study them. Your map is beautiful and looks terrific!


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