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June 16, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #18

I always said we would not allow Rosie on the furniture...

Look at her,
it's almost like she is doing it to spite us.

Maybe it's payback from dressing her up like a fool.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what it is!

Sorry Rosie!

Do you let your animals on the furniture?


  1. No I actually don't.....She has her own bed and she has never tried to get up on my furniture. Rosie is getting so big. She looks just like my sister's Dog Kelsey!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. We don't let Alfie on the furniture. He does stick his chin on the bed every morning, but he has never gotten up on the furniture (that I know of!).

  3. Are you kidding. Of course we do. Bailey gets on it all.

  4. Of course!!They are my sons!

  5. My big dog is not allowed on the furniture. Little dog hops on the couch. I wish long ago I had stopped that! :)

  6. We don't, but she gets to sleep on the bed on top of her blankie that gets washed every week! What can I say.... :)

  7. Awww . . . how can you resist that face??? I wasn't going to let our new pup, Xena, on the furniture either, but when she's looking up with that cuddly look, I have to give in.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a cutie! Love watching her grow up.


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