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June 30, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #20

Rosie's week started off as normal as she would expect.

She spent loads of time outdoors,
ran around with the kids
and basically enjoyed life.

Little did she know
what was in store for her later in the week!

Tuesday, while the kids and I were at the Crayola Experience,
Rosie was at the vet getting spayed.
When I picked her up later that afternoon,
I was not prepared for all the restrictions she would have.

First of all,
I was told she could not lick the incision area at all.
Then they told me she could not
run, or jump or go down stairs
for TWO weeks.

She is a puppy.
How on earth am I going to control her from the running and jumping?

Now, I know spaying is a major operation for dogs.
It is basically a hysterectomy.

But for some reason
I never gave it much though beforehand.
Of course my brain is a little fried
with the kids home all day.
I have been going back and forth
between enjoying all the quality time with them
and trying to cherish every precious moment...
to counting down the days till camp starts!

I also knew that we were planning a trip to the beach
within the next week.
Luckily, we don't have to commit to the exact days in advance
since the house belongs to the inlaws...
and luckily Rosie would be coming with us this time
instead of staying at the kennel...
for Rosie to go outside to pee,
she has to go up and down a flight of stairs!

The vet told me I should plan on carrying her
up and down the stairs.

Rosie is 54 pounds now.
Be prepared to see some photos of my impressive arm muscles
in the next few weeks!

I took her home on Tuesday wearing a soft fabric donut.
It was silly looking but it was soft and didn't limit her vision
like those rediculous plastic cones you see dogs wear.

After being home an hour or so,
she threw up.
On the family room rug.

I called the vet and she said to feed her a little rice.
If she doesn't keep it down, then call back.

She threw that up a half hour later.

Back to the vet we went for some anti-nausea medicine
and some fluids to keep her hydrated.
But while we were there,
the vet noticed Rosie was able to lick herself with the soft donut on.
So off went the tolerable one,
and on went that rediculous plastic cone!

The poor baby looked so pathetic.
I just wanted to cry.
She bumped into things
and looked up at my with those sad eyes.
But at least she didn't get sick anymore
and actually figured out how to sleep with the cone.

What a good sport.

So, needless to say,
I slept downstairs on the couch
and I didn't put her in her crate.
Actually, I don't think the cone would fit anyway!

She has been on the mend ever since...

and she is adjusting quite well to her "new look".

And is already back to her usual antics
of stealing the boys' sports socks.
She is still my happy little puppy!

It should be pretty interesting
if we end up going to the beach.
I am sure I will be spending most of my time at the house with her
while the boys play around on the beach with Daddy.
Oh, well.

Have you had any experiences getting a pet fixed?

June 27, 2012

Day Trip with the Darlings

Yesterday, while Rosie was at the vet getting spayed,(more details on that at this Weekend's Pupdate"),the boys and I headed to The Crayola Experience in Easton, PA.

The Crayola Experience in Easton PA

Since I never got around to bringing the boys there when they were younger, I wasn't sure if they would be too old to enjoy it now.  Luckily, they loved it!  Sure, there were some babyish areas but for the most part kids up to age 10 or so would have a terrific time!

The place is filled with activities and interactive exhibits to keep kids busy all day.  Although the crayons are no longer manufactured in this location, you are able to watch a video to see the process.

Crayons and activities at the Crayola Experience
Entertaining activities were around every corner.

Painting Station at the Crayola Experience
There were painting stations,

Chalk Room at the Crayola Experience
chalk rooms,

Coloring Car at the Crayola Experience
fun things to color 

There was a "Be a Star" photo-booth (not shown) which took your picture and turned you into coloring pages!  We cracked each other up with our silly poses!

Crayola Exhibit
We admired little artistic vignettes,

Doodle in the Dark Room at the Crayola Experience
and spent time drawing on walls
 in the "Doodle in the Dark" room,
and a "Scribble Sea". (not shown).

Waterworks Exhibit at the Crayola Experience
But the boys' favorite was
the Waterworks/Canal Exhibit.
I think they went through it four times!

Waterworks fun and learning
I just let them play while I relaxed and checked email on my phone.
Why rush them if they were having fun!

But the fun came to a screeching halt once we picked up Rosie with a list of instructions to help her recover from the operation...
The Cone of Shame
This is what I am dealing with now...

I don't know how many more day trips we will be taking over the next 2 weeks.  I need to make sure my little girl doesn't jump or run around too much!  My poor baby!

Do you have any day trips planned for the summer?

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June 24, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #19

Rosie had a busy week.
The second we flew back from North Carolina on Monday,
we rushed over to the kennel to pick her up.

She was so happy to see us,
and although I am sure she had a great time,
five nights away was probably enough for her!

We arrived back home
 just in time for the kids' last day of school on Tuesday!
We celebrated with a pool get together at the neighbor's house
and Rosie came along.

She didn't do much swimming but played with her pal, Henry instead.
They are almost the same size now!

There was lots of doggie roughhousing!
Look at those ferocious teeth!

But all the rough dog play with Henry
really tired her out.
A puppy can only handle so much!

This week, we also took Rosie to get fitted for a harness.
I wanted a harness for two reasons.
One, because she pulls when I walk her.
Two, because you can now get a ticket in the state of New Jersey
if your dog is not properly strapped in the car!
It makes sense though.
If we wear seat belts, then dogs should too!

Here she is in the car,
 secure in her new harness.

(No, I am not being compensated to mention that!)
You can use the harness to walk her,
and then hook on the attachment
so she can be seat belted in.

She doesn't mind wearing it
and so far it seems to help with the pulling when I walk her.

While we were at the pet store,
Rosie picked out a new toy.
I think it might be her new favorite!

Any new toys for you this week?


June 21, 2012

Vacation Nails

I spent last Tuesday at the nail salon celebrating a friend's birthday.  We have a tradition of taking the birthday girl out for a pedicure and we bring mimosas along to celebrate!

Since we were leaving for North Carolina just two days later, I decided to also get my fingernails one.
But instead of the traditional manicure, I chose the gel manicure.
Gel Manicure
There are a few different types of these.
but I used the product, Axxium by Opi.

It is supposed to stay chip-free for a couple weeks so I thought it would be perfect to use before a vacation. I actually tried one of the gel products around Christmas time and it really did last about 3 weeks.  It's the only time I will put a darker color on my nails and Christmas time, I had to have red.

This time around, I went with a bright pink but I forgot the name of it.  In fact, I don't think it had a name but was #15 or something.

This is what my nails look like on day 9.
Gel Manicure after 9 days
Not bad except my cuticles are very dry due to all the sun and chlorine from the past week. But the color has not chipped yet.

It's actually in pretty good shape considering I was dragging around suitcases and beach bags, and kids' junk...and folding tons of laundry...and walking with Rosie who pulls on her leash...

So hopefully I will get at least another week out of it.

Have you tried any of the gel manicures?


June 20, 2012

Back from the South

While many of you are heading south to attend the Haven conference, (I wish I were going!), we just returned north from a trip down south.

My family and I just took our annual trip to the Southport, North Carolina area.

While my husband spent time on the golf course with his dad, the boys and I ran around town.

While I was there,
I had to make sure I admired the charming southern architecture...
Southern Homes with porches
Here is everything I love about southern homes...big front porches, hanging ferns, plantation shutters in all the windows and a porch swing!  Just perfect!

Houses like that really make me want to move!

We spent one morning down by the water.
Southport, NC waterfront

Southport, NC pier
Watching fisherman,

and the local wildlife.

Southport, NC - Such a sweet southern town!
The town of Southport
is such a sweet little southern town.

While we were there, we did a lot of shopping...
Candy Shop in Southport, NC
Although mostly in fun stores that the kids liked!

The candy store/Christmas shop had some hilarious ornaments.  I had to pick up a few of these margarita ornaments. I plan to save one for our annual MOMS club ornament exchange party!

They had ornaments and rooms decorated
for almost every holiday.

We also played miniature golf
over on Oak Island.
Oak Island Golf

And spent more money than we should have in the arcade.

We collected pine cones,

played with some darling doggies,
(while Rosie was back home at the kennel)

and swam in the pool every afternoon.

One night we had dinner out at the golf club
 with a group of friends and family.
We were lucky enough to eat in the beautiful wine room
where we dined last year.
The food was fabulous once again...
and needless to say,
so was the wine!

The rest of the club was just as pretty.

Coastal Decor in Southern town of Southport, NC
I loved all the coastal touches.

Coastal bookcase - trip to Southport, NC
It really was a lovely place.

We had a wonderful trip down south.
The weather was gorgeous
and we enjoyed plenty of quality family time.
What more could you ask for?

Do you have any family trips planned for the summer?

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June 16, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #18

I always said we would not allow Rosie on the furniture...

Look at her,
it's almost like she is doing it to spite us.

Maybe it's payback from dressing her up like a fool.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what it is!

Sorry Rosie!

Do you let your animals on the furniture?

June 12, 2012

Upgrading the Fruit Bowl

One of the companies I "Like" on Facebook is Mikasa.
I happen to own (and love) their Italian Countryside pattern.
I have been wanting them to make a bigger bowl
or better yet, a footed bowl
 to use in place of this one where I store my fruit.

Well, to my surprise,
last week Mikasa posted some new pieces
on their Facebook page...
and one of them happened to be a
Footed Compote Bowl!

I try not to buy on impulse.
After all, I am the "queen of returns"
so I usually have to think about it a little
to avoid that inevitable trip to the store or UPS.

But not this time!
The bowl was perfect!

And it wasn't long before it
was sitting on my counter holding my fruit!

I had to buy some new shiny apples
to celebrate!

The pretty details are much more noticeable on the new bowl.
Love it!

No returns this time!

Have you ever seen something on a Facebook page
and ordered it right away?

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