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May 1, 2012

Avoiding a Return

I waste a lot of time in the "Return" aisle.
I also spend a lot of time dropping return packages at UPS.
It's almost a weekly occurrence.

I saw these cute pillows at Homegoods
and thought how they might work in my son's bedroom.
Well, the travel theme kind of works
but now I have some other ideas for accent pillows.

Although, they could probably work
with a similar wall color to this one
that's in my bathroom.
(Amsterdam by Benjamin Moore)
It actually is one of the colors
we are considering for his room.

Anyway, these pillows were pretty cheap,
and it would be such a shame to bring them back.
Plus, I am afraid Homegoods is keeping track of all of my returns
and someday they will just cut me off!

But before I made my weekly trip to the return counter,
I thought of the playroom in the basement.

As you might recall from my post,
we recently moved all the kids' toys
from the playroom on the main floor
to their other playroom in the basement
so the puppy could have her own room.
Don't laugh - we needed a place to put that crate!
(And I will eventually take the room back as my office!)

The basement playroom is not very inviting.
Not only is it about as messy as you could imagine....
(I can't even show you the whole room!)

But the basement also has a reddish couch that I hate
along with a navy chair from Ikea.
They don't really look great together.
They are just left-over furniture with no real plan.

As I looked at the new Homegoods pillows,
I thought ...maybe...
Here's one on the icky couch.

And the other on the Ikea chair.

the red matches the couch
and the blue is pretty close to the chair
so it looks like I will actually keep them!
Plus who knows,
they could still end up in my son's bedroom!

But now that I am paying attention to the basement playroom again,
I started making a list
of all the things I want to do down there.
Because I just can't focus on one room at a time.

But I did order some things for his bedroom
so we are definitely moving along in there!

Let's just hope I like the stuff in person
or it's back to the UPS store for me!

Do you have this return-itis sickness like me?

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  1. I hate to return too. I usually give it to a friend, family member or find a place for it elsewhere. A lot of my friends and family make out like bandits.

  2. I seldom return things. Maybe because I don't buy much, especially on impulse. The pillows look good in your playroom and add a nice bit of whimsy there.

  3. Your pillows are perfect for bringing the chair & couch together down there!!

  4. I love your pillows they are super cute. They go great with your couch and chair. Nice!

  5. Yay! An avoided trip to the return line is always a reason to celebrate! :)

  6. Cute pillows! And yes. I'm so infected with that disease. Just yesterday while standing in the return line, I thought why do I do this to myself? Seems like no big deal when I make the purchase but then the hassle of returning is really no fun. Oh well! Sometimes things just work, like your pillows and it makes it worth it!

  7. Nice pillows! they bring accent to the furniture and make a twist around them, they are eye catching. Good idea!

  8. my returns are always to home depot. I'd rather buy too much than not buy enough and have to make 10 trips out to finish the project. One return trip is better. i like the pillow against the ikea chair best.

  9. OOOh! I hate returning things, but I will do it. It frustrates me that I waste time by not getting it right to begin with...oh, well... I like those pillows and your furniture is not all that yucky. (:


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