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April 29, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #11

It's been a busy week
but I had to make time to do my Rosie post!

Play hard
and sleep hard
seemed to be the theme of the week.

As you can see, she still loves to steal baseball hats!

But she still loves her other toys too!

She spent a lot of time outside.
The deck has gates so it's like a big playpen for her.
It's a great way to tire her out.

She wasn't the only one getting tired outside!

we spent some time with her "cousin" the cockapoo
at an outdoor community day.

The boys had fun petting the animals.

And Rosie had fun making friends with the sheep!

Needless to say, she had an exhausting day!

Are you getting any rest this weekend?


April 24, 2012

Compromising With an 8 Year Old

We are in the planning stages
of getting my son's room changed over
from a baby-ish room to a more grown up
8 year old's room!

This is how it looks now.

My original plan was to have
a vintage-travel-Ralph Lauren-ish-rugged country preppy-ish type of room.
The 8 year old's plan
was to have a darker blue room with "stuff I like".

He does love travel and maps
so that works with my original plan.
He also loves Legos, science,
architecture, animals, trains (not the "baby-type!")
books, baseball, basketball, golf...

I am going to keep this train print.

And of course his globe:

I bought him this great print of the Empire State Building.
He really loves this.

I tried to convince him that gray walls would look great
and we would have blue bedding.

"Gray walls will look ugly."

Maybe I scared him off with the last paint test.
when the gray looked lilac!

We have gone back and forth with many paint colors
and are narrowing it down to a few.

Amsterdam is one color we like.
I actually have this in my master bathroom
and he likes it.
I may choose something slightly different though.

I think the color would look great with his furniture.

Since the walls we be darker,
I am going to go lighter on the bedding and windows.

I think these panels would be fun.

Or I might go for a light gray panel
since he doesn't love the above ones.

But I like the chain link look
so I will probably at least slip in a pillow!

Yesterday, I came across this gorgeous room.
I would love the colors in my son's room
to come out like this!

the room is coming along.
I think I would have had my way if I decorated the room
a year or two ago.
But then again,
it is his room and should reflect his style.
So funny, to think that a kid could have a "style".
My baby is growing up!

At least my 5 year old still loves everything I choose!

My goal is to have the room done
by the end of May.
Let's see if I can do it!

If you have kids,
Shine Your Light - May Before Party

April 21, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #11

Hello, all you dog people!

I figured if you have stopped by each week
to catch up on the Rosie update,
you must be a dog person!

This week, Rosie had a great time
 watching the boys hit baseballs in the yard.

She wanted to play too.

She spent most of the time barking at them.

And running all over the deck.

I think she liked baseball
because she stole one of their hats later.

She also helped me clean the house this week.
Well, she actually messed up the house
with her toys and hair.
I did the cleaning.
But she did enjoy following the Roomba around!

I had some returns to pack up.
Rosie tried to help with that too!

Can I come with you to UPS?

But the highlight of the week had to be
her doggie playdate with her Aunt Rosie!
Yes, her aunt is named Rosie too.
Kind of funny isn't it?
When my kids were naming the puppy
they wanted to call her Rosebud
after the puppy in the Air Bud movies.
I tried to talk them out of it since her aunt is named Rosie
and I knew we would end up calling her Rosie
instead of Rosebud.
But that's just how it turned out!

So the playdate with Big Rosie and Little Rosie went well.

We did some tail comparing.

And some doggie wrestling.
Look at those faces!

They had a great time together
and Big Rosie was very welcoming to Little Rosie!

So it was a nice week.
I am glad we spent so much time outside
because now it is supposed to rain for the next few days.

How is your weekend weather?

April 20, 2012

Two Great Products

This week I didn't do any "fun" projects.
I spent a lot of time
cleaning, organizing, getting rid of junk...
Nothing you would be interested in seeing.

But I did use two new products
 that I would love to share with you.
(I am not compensated in any way to recommend them.)

The first one is this laundry stain remover.
Maybe you have heard of it?

It's been around over 100 years and it really works.
The reason I started using it
has to do with the other thing
 that has taken up most of my time lately...

Both of my boys are playing this spring
and my husband is the head coach for my 5 year old's team
and the assistant for my 8 year old's team.
I feel like I have been living at the baseball field lately!

They are having a great time
but their cute white baseball pants are SO hard to keep clean!

My neighbor recommended the soap and I gave it a try.
All you do is wet the clothing,
rub some soap on
and throw in the laundry.

Now if I had thought ahead of time,
I would have taken a before and after picture.
But you just have to trust me on this.
It really works well!
No more stains!

The other product I tried this week was
Turbo Snake.

Now if you have long hair like me,
you probably have problems with your drain getting clogged.

To clean my drain in the past,
I have tried shoving a hanger down to dig out the goo,
I have tried vinegar and baking soda
and my husband tries to get me to use harsh drain cleaners
which I hate using.
Yet none of these really work that well anyway.

Rather than call a plumber,
this time I tried the Turbo Snake and it worked really well!

All you do is put the velco-like end down the drain,
twist it around a bit
and then pull up all the disgusting debris.

(This photo is re-enactment
 since I didn't want to expose you to
the horrible gunk being pulled up!)

It was a pretty gross job to do
but I was happy with the results and now the clog is gone!

Hopefully my tips were useful to you!

Did you come across any great tips or products this week?
Which reminds me,
can anyone recommend a good shampoo/conditioner for baby-fine hair?
I have been unhappy with everything I have tried recently...Thanks!

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April 15, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #10

Rosie is now 17 weeks old!
How is that possible?

It seems like just yesterday
that we carried this little bundle home!
Look how tiny she was at 7 weeks.

And here we are at 17 weeks!
Who is that big dog?

She can only get part of her body under these chairs now.
Seriously, how can that be comfortable?

She used to have a scrawny little tail...
Aww...I love when she sleeps like that!

But now her tail is getting the golden retriever feathers.
I can just see this
knocking over everything when she is full grown.

She is now in her third collar.
Can you believe that tiny one on the right?
The day we brought her home,
I thought she would use the middle one
but we had to go out and get the little pink one to start
because she was so little.

She's not so little anymore!
Look at my big doggie trying to look ferocious!

Would you be scared of this dog?

I don't think so...

What a character.

She is still stealing socks and things.

And trying to look innocent about it!

Life is good.

She is becoming such a sweet dog
but puppyhood is going really fast!

Although I am not longing for the days
 of accidents in the house or trips outside in the cold at 2 a.m.,
I do miss that squishy little face and soft puppy fur.
I felt sad looking back at the "baby" pictures
because I didn't take nearly as many as I wished I had!

I also spent too much time
taking care of her and adjusting to her
instead of just enjoying her.

It was just a reminder to cherish every moment!

"Life moves pretty fast.
If you don't stop and look around once in awhile you could miss it"
                         - Ferris Bueller

How are you taking time to enjoy your weekend?

April 12, 2012

I Had No Idea...

...that Restoration Hardware had a kids division!

Seriously, have I been living under a rock?

I am always complaining
that I can't find the right bedding for my son's room.
And, I can never find a lot of inspiration photos for boys' rooms.

Well, I am just loving the selection
and inspiration photos at


I already ordered swatches this morning.
Of course, my son and I are already
having differences of opinions
but at least I feel like I am heading in the right direction!

**Please note that I am not being compensated
in any way to write this post.

Did you know this store existed
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