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March 16, 2012

A to Z

Last month, Amanda from the beautiful blog, 
tagged me in a little game of A to Z.

I am finally getting around to filling in my A to Z responses!

Are you ready?
Here we go...

Age:  45

Bed:  King sized - essential when a nightmare victim shows up and rolls around kicking you all night!

Chore you hate:  Cleaning up dog poop in my yard.  I am so paranoid about stepping in it that I feel like I am constantly out there picking it up.  Seriously, have you ever been to someone's house who has a dog and then stepped in poop?  It is one of my worst nightmares and I will never let it happen to me or anyone who visits my house!

Dogs:  Golden Retriever puppy named, Rosie.  You might find a few recent posts about her on my blog!  Thanks to her, I have a chore that I really hate!
Essential to start your day:  Tea.  Lately I have been into the Teavana Teas.  They have so many great varieties!

Favorite Color:  Pink

Gold or Silver:  Both but I have been wearing more silver lately.

Height:  5'7"

Instrument you play:  None unfortunately.  I tried clarinet in 4th grade for a short time but I always wished I could play the piano.  My 8 year old plays the keyboard so I get to live vicariously through him.

Job Title:  Mom

Kids:  2 boys, ages 8 and 5 1/2.  I would love to show you their cute little faces but I am a internet paranoid mom...then why am I answering all these personal questions...I have no idea!

Live:  New Jersey

Movie:  Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Honeymoon in Vegas.

Nicknames:  Shell, Shell-Bell

Overnight hospital stays:  Just 2 when I gave birth to my babies.

Pet Peeve:  Leaving any dirty dishes in the sink.  At my house, we have this situation I call "the Free For All".  If I accidentally leave ONE tiny little thing in the sink even a little spoon, my husband will just assume that the dishwasher is full or on or something.  He will then take that opportunity to dirty as many plates, pans whatever he can find and then LEAVE them in the sink piled up supposedly "waiting" for the dishwasher to be available.  It drives me insane! 

My other Pet Peeve involves liquid dispenser soaps and lotions.  Why on earth do they make the little plastic tube inside too short?  You can never use the last bit of soap in there because the tube does not reach the bottom!  Luckily, Method is smart enough to make theirs long enough.  I mean how hard is that really?

Quote:  "Is anyone here a marine biologist?"  (line from Seinfeld).  I still laugh every time I hear it!

Righty or Lefty:  Righty

Siblings:  One sister

Time you wake up:  6:20 or when the puppy starts barking.

University Attended:  Fairleigh Dickinson University

Vegetables you dislike:  Not a huge cabbage fan.  Which reminds me, I don't ever eat corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day - hate it!

X-rays you've had:  Dental, Back

Yummy Food:  I have a real chocolate problem...especially Haagen Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  I could eat a whole carton in one sitting. 

I also love a lot of healthy foods like arugula and anything with cilantro.  Oh, and mangoes, just love them too.

Zoo animal favorite:  Not really a big zoo fan but I think the San Diego Zoo might have koala bears so if I ever go to that zoo, I will check them out!

So there you have my A to Z answers.  If you want to learn even more useless information about me, you can read:  HERE and HERE and HERE.

Now I have to pass this game onto some more bloggers.  Last time I passed some questions onto dog owners.  This time I don't really have a theme and I have lost track of who has done this A to Z  I am passing the A to Z questions on to:

Heather from Love and Life at Leadora because she will appreciate my Seinfeld quote.
Kim from My Domestic Bliss to celebrate almost reaching 1000 followers.
Linda from Seaside Style for her appreciation for the beach and Pottery Barn.
Erica from Let Why Lead for her insights to motherhood.

Ladies, please don't feel obligated to answer or pass this on if it is not your thing!  Just thought you might want to join in for fun and it might be good way to end the week.

You know, after answering these questions, I realized that if you read my blog often, you probably know most of my answers - except maybe the Pet Peeve one!  I could probably add a few more to that too!

Just for fun - what are your Pet Peeves?


  1. It was so fun to see how you answered all the questions! Have a great weekend :o)

  2. Loveit! I will when I get home. Our grandaughter was just born.

  3. That was fun! Loved reading your responses :)

  4. Shelly, that was really fun and adorable. Love your responses, a lot of them would have mirrored mine! Oh, I LOVE the lamps in your master bedroom, shades and all - WHERE did you get them???

    New England Style

  5. Seinfeld is the one of the best shows ever!! I especially like the episode where George pretends to be a marine biologist! :)

    I'm not a fan of boiled cornbeef and cabbage either! However, I do like a big cornbeef sandwich from a good New York deli! Otherwise, boiling the stuff at home is totally unappealing! lol!

  6. Oh me too, king bed..., 5.7, no instrument..., and I should try that Haagen Dazs! Usually have Ben & Jerry, and eat the whole thing!!

  7. Thanks for tagging me! That is so fun! And oh my, my husband does the exact same thing, and it drives me nuts too. Your description of it was spot on at our house!

    One of my pet peeves - mean drivers!

  8. You're too funny, Shell Bell! Ha! Glad you played it was fun reading!

  9. Michelle, the lamp bases are from Expo Design Center - a Home Depot company that went out of business a few years ago. The lampshades are from Pottery Barn - last year! Hope that helps!

  10. Fun!!! Your bedroom is so serene. Not sure I'd ever seen it! Oh, and we have free for all problems here too :-)


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