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March 30, 2012

A Feature and a Recap

First of all, I want to say thank you to Jenny from
for featuring me in her March Room Evolution Party!
Go on over and check out all the others!

I was so thrilled to see my beadboard ceiling
among the other beautiful rooms shown.
What a nice way to end the week!

We just installed my new light in the laundry room
and I love it.
I will show it to you next week
 with a couple other tweaks I am working on.
(Hopefully I will get them done).
I'll show you everything at once
because I am sure you are getting sick of seeing that room
over and over again on my blog!

Anyway, onto my assignment from yesterday...
Did anyone get to watch
Rules of Engagement?

I didn't get too many responses yet
but I am sure it's just because you are
still recovering from all the laughter.
I'll give you some time to get a hold of yourselves!

Well, I must admit it was funny
but not the funniest episode I have seen.
But I do love that Jeff aka "Putty" from Seinfeld!
He doesn't even have to speak to get me laughing!

And David Spade's character, Russell
was just priceless when he was using that pointer
on the diagram to explain his whole process!
What?  You don't know what I am referring to?
You should have watched it!

I hope you are all David Spade fans out there like I am...
C'mon...Joe Dirt, SNL, Grown Ups, Just Shoot Me...
and of course, Tommy Boy!
Well, if you don't LOVE him like I do,
did you know that his brother is married to Kate Spade? you like him, right?

Or maybe it's just a hair thing for me...
Oh, Keith Urban you are so cute!

Anyway, the show was great.
We also enjoyed The Big Bang Theory too.

We have a busy family weekend lined up
but I will be sure to post another Weekend Pupdate
so swing by on Sunday to see more "exciting" adventures
with little Rosie.
(Although she is not so "little" anymore!)

What are your plans for the weekend?



  1. Great feature!!! I mean seriously, the room is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. Congrats on the feature! Totally deserving, that ceiling rocks!

  3. First, congratulations on being featured. You certainly deserve it!

    I watched Rules of Engagement. I did not realize "Putty" was on it! He is always so funny. I can't say I was laughing constantly, because my husband called, and then my 11 year old kept coming in and interrupting! I will have to try and watch it again! Have a great weekend, Shelley!

  4. Hi Shelley, guess what? I love your blog and I have chosen it as one of 5 awesome blogs to pass on the Liebster Blog Award! I hope you are as excited to receive it as I am to pass it along to you! Come on over and check out the post.


    PS I recorded Rules of Engagement because of your post, but haven't watched it yet...just thought I would let you know

  5. How exciting for you. I can't wait to see the light and of course what ever else your doing. Have a great weekend.


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