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March 28, 2012

Diving Back In

I'm diving back in...
Oh, I wish...
I would do anything to be in this pool now,
but what I mean is
I am diving back into Pinterest.

Let me explain.

For the past couple of weeks, there has been some talk about copywrite issues with Pinterest.  And there are issues because of people not reading all the fine print on the Pinterest agreement.

Then when I read an My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia post about Pinterest recently, I decided that I am not going to worry about Pinterest anymore and I will just delete all my boards.  I didn't want to be the unlucky person that they decided to make an example out of when lawsuits start popping up all over.  And for what?  So I could keep a collection of pretty pictures in one place!  Not worth it to me!

I didn't delete my account though, because I wanted to be able to sign on and see what all the people I follow were pinning.  So, if you are following me, you might have wondered what happened to my boards!

I will admit, I did decide to delete everything on a whim.  The way I make decisions can be very inconsistant!  For instance, when we bought our house, we decided in like 2 days!  We weren't even in any rush to buy a house and it was new construction so we didn't have to bid against anyone!  Yet sometimes I may take a week to decide on the purchase of a piece of clothing...or a light fixture!  Go figure...

Anyway, this quick decision to delete all my Pinterest boards made me have second thoughts.  And I must admit, I am just dying to Pin again!  The other day, Pinterest updated their agreement so I decided to be extra careful about everything I Pin this time.  I will take a couple minutes to make sure if I re-pin something, it is linked back to the original source.  I noticed so many times the re-pins just link back to someone's blog who may have mentioned them but the photo may not have originated from there.  I also read somewhere that one way to supposedly protect yourself is to make a comment on each thing you pin.  I know sometimes I didn't do that but usually because there was already a comment there to begin with...and I might have said the same thing anyway!  Does that even count as commenting?...Details, details...

So, that is my deal with Pinterest...
I'm diving back in!

Now where is that cabana boy with my Pina Colada?

Are you still using Pinterest?


  1. Hi Shelley! I have seen all that and hemmed and hawed myself but I never did anything about it, I do know that I need to be more careful because I see a pic and go "ooh pretty" and pin it. :)
    That pool looks amazing, would so love to be there now too!

  2. I can't break up with Pinterest. I am being more cognizant of trying to pin things from their original source and write the name of the source in my pin description so if it's repinned from me the source won't be lost. Fingers crossed that the legal ramifications of repinning other's images won't come back to bite me! (or you, or anyone else!)

  3. Hey Shelley, That pool is amazing! Ya know I kinda got a little nervous about Pinterest too, but I never did anything, just pondered on it for a bit. But now, I am trying to make sure the pin comes from the original source. Sometimes that's hard. But I do understand the importance of it. We can just do our best. Anyway, how do you break an addiction like that?! By the way thanks for the support in your comment for my blog. It's alway great to hear from you.

  4. Shelley, I had heard some of those things about Pinterest, but I just ignored're probably a lot smarter than I am! Anyway, it still is a fun site to visit, but nothing beats a good magazine.

  5. I've kind of been ignoring this pinterest talk too, but I love your tips. While I don't want to delete it all, I can definitely make sure my pins (going forward) are from the original source. Thanks, Shelley!

  6. Good points. I started on Pinterest, but haven't done much with it yet. It's on my to-do list, along with three million other things. :)

    Yes, I could really use an afternoon in that pool right now. It looks heavenly!

  7. To be honest I haven't even started to use Pinterest yet but I strongly consider to start.

    Would like to dive into that pool right away! Here in Sweden we had some snow this morning, not exactly what I was hoping for ...


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