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February 13, 2012

Dusty and Dead

Do you know how long
I have had these fake plants
above my kitchen cabinets?

Way, way too long!
This weekend I decided it was time
to remove these dust magnets!

It's amazing I didn't choke to death
from all the dust on those "plants"!

But now what?
I left this side empty to see how I liked it.

And I put a few things up on the other side to see how I felt.

Yeah, a little sparse
but much cleaner looking.

In a perfect world,
my cabinets would go up to the ceiling.
In a perfect world,
I would also have different cabinets!

Who knows what I will end up doing
but at least it looks better without those dust collectors!

Oh, and while I was at it,
I removed the dead plant in my bedroom.


Yeah, I need to do something with that space now.
I haven't committed to a folding screen yet.

At least I feel better after clearing out
all the fake and the dead greenery.
I have been on a cleaning rampage since the dog arrived.
It's either a nesting instinct or I am fearing the dog hair!

It's so hard to decorate about cabinets, isn't it?

What is above your cabinets?

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  1. Yes I think it is difficult to decorate above the cabinets. I would rather have cabinets reaching the ceiling however I do not. In a few days I will be moving to a new home, so if I come up with any ideas, I will be sure to share them with you. I believe the girl that lived there before me had other kitchen items stacked on top.

    Isn't it amazing how dust collects?

  2. Are you sure you weren't at my house when you were referring to all of the dusty fake plants? Lol, mine need to go in the garbage too!

  3. I have quite a bit above my cabinets -- all dusty, I'm afraid. A wooden trug, a little spice cabinet, an old Grace Rush tin, some wooden animals, couple of baskets . . . Wow, sounds crowded up there! Maybe I should streamline, too.

  4. When we redid our kitchen a couple of years ago I took down all the decorations I had above the cabinets. I have to say I prefer the cleaner look now. I didn't like it at first though but decided to give it a month and to my surprise I grew to love the new look.

    PS. I am not following you on Google...hope you will follow me back :o)

  5. I have nothing above my cabinets. I prefer a clean look. It's all personal preference though.

  6. I hear you! I used to have things above my cabinets. They would get horribly dusty and greasy. It was gross, but I basically forgot about them. Nowadays, I have nothing! I'm like you. If I had my way, my cabinets would go all the way to the top!

  7. Decorating above the cabinets is difficult for sure! I like the clean sparse look you have now!!

  8. I have Hat boxes of different shapes, sizes, and colors on the tops of my cabinets :)

  9. I got rid of all my artificial plants awhile back, feels much better! I wondered why I kept them for so long!

  10. Yes! Funny b/c I was just fooling with mine last night thinking the same thing. I'd much rather have my cabinets go to the ceiling or either have very tall ceilings where it wouldn't look so bad to leave the space empty. Love how you redecorated yours though. Looks crisp and clean.

  11. I think you found a good solution. I googled "decorating above kitchen cabinets" before doing mine and didn't come up with much I liked. After I put things up I wound up tucking in fake greens anyway! Maybe I should have done what my 26 year old son did with the tops of his-beers bottles of the world! It actually looks nice for a single guy!

    Robin Flies South

  12. I agree that decorating that area is difficult. I recently cleaned up there and was shocked at the amount of grease, grime and dust that had collected in a short amount of time. Thanks very much for linking to my party. I really appreciate it.------- Shannon

  13. Hi again Shelley- Just dropping by tonight to say CONGRATS! You had the most viewed post on my party last week, so this post will be featured all this week during the new Your Cozy Home Party. Thanks again for participating. If you are interested, there is a feature button for your sidebar or a feature page. Have a great week!



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