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February 24, 2012

Advice Anyone?

Just out of nowhere,
I am going to get a project done in my house...

Let me explain...

About 6 months ago, I mentioned to my husband's friend that I wanted to put a beadboard ceiling and crown molding in my laundry/mudroom.  He is my go-to guy when I need projects done around the house.  He is rarely available on weekends because he does a lot of side jobs, but the other day he called and asked if I would like him to do my project on Saturday!  Yes, please!  Well, of course I had to run this by Mr. C. which I knew would not be to hard since he has been traveling all week - on a fun type of business trip of all things.  I have been alone with the kids and a crazy, peeing puppy and I have had to babysit a friend's son all week.  I have had basically no sleep so when our friend called, I knew this would not be a difficult negotiation with my husband!  Oh, did I mention that our electricity was out most of this morning?!!  Uggh..So, anyway, Mr. C. said yes (like he had a choice) and now I get my little project done!

You might recall,
I started on this room last year
 when we put in this new tile floor.

So, I know I want beadboard and crown molding but our friend asked me which direction I want the beadboard to go.  So what do you think?  From this angle, would you go left to right (cabinets to wall) or front to back (doorway to door)?  He is coming to measure tonight so I have to come up with an answer asap.  I am not sure if there is a right way to do it. 

And maybe after I get this done I will come up with an idea for changing the stuff on top of the cabinets...oh and that light just has to go!  I will show you some ideas next week for what I am thinking for the light!

Back to the beadboard...

So which way do you think it should run?



  1. If the room is not square, I think I would have it run the length of the room. In other words, run the long beadboard strips to correspond to the longer room dimension. I don't know how to say this, so I hope you know what I mean. Make the strips of beadboard as long as possible. Clear as mud?

  2. You should always run it longways this makes a room look bigger.

  3. I think you should run it long ways. Good luck! Can't wait to see the finished room!

  4. I would run it long ways too...good luck!

  5. Oh how exciting!!!! I just love is gonna look fabulous!!! I would run it long ways.....

  6. It looks like we all agree to run it the length of the room. The beadboard will be fabulous in your laundry room. Hugs, Sherry

  7. I may be a bit late, but I say run it the longest way possible. It's going to look fantastic! I am excited for you!

  8. So our friend just left after measuring. The room is only around 7' wide by 9' long so he said you can basically go either way. Usually he runs it perpendicular to the joists so he can nail into solid wood. So in my case, that would mean going across instead of the long way. If we go the long way, he will also have to add a piece of plywood before installing the beadboard. I have been frantically looking online for pictures and either way seems to look good. The room isn't that long so I guess I could put them across...Oh I just don't know! Ahh..decisions!

  9. Ooops, I meant 7' wide by 8' long (not 9')!

  10. I think I'd prefer left to right, the cabinets that run front to back offer a strong line in that direction, so running the bead board ceiling left to right would balance the room nicely! Good luck either way and looking forward to seeing the finished room!

  11. Dang, I saw beadboard in a bathroom just a couple of weeks ago! It wasn't sand and sisal's laundry (their's is much larger). But here's one though...


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