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January 26, 2012

Exterior Shots

We have had some recent robberies in our area.
As soon as I heard this I went into complete paranoid mode
making sure all the windows and doors
were locked,
setting the alarm every time I left the house
even when I walked out to get the mail...
well, not really - but practically!

I tend to jump to conclusions a bit.
So whenever I see a suspicious car
or something doesn't seem right,
I call the police.

I have no problem calling them.
Even if it ends up being nothing.
I would rather be safe than sorry.

The other day my friend mentioned how worried she has been since she heard about the robberies.  She said one day she saw someone taking a picture of her house and she felt really uncomfortable.  Now of course at that point I actually felt guilty.  No, it wasn't me taking the picture of her house, but I thought about how many times I have taken pictures of people's houses.  Not to stake them out for a future robbery, but because I liked the style of their home, or their front door, or the color of their house. I didn't tell her this,
because after all, no one really knows I have a blog.  I think most people don't even know what a blog is!

But it got me thinking...
How would I feel if someone took a picture of my house?

Honestly, I think if I saw someone doing it, I might run out and ask if I could help them or something.  I would be annoyed or worried that they were planning a robbery or something.  Heck, I might even call the police!  I don't even post a "full frontal" of my house on my blog because I am worried that some lunatic will figure out where I live from it! 

Now, I do live in the country
and it just doesn't seem normal
to take a picture of a stranger's house. 

Having said that,
I have taken my fair share of house pictures
over the years!
Vacation homes at the beach.
I guess it was ok, since I did stay there!

But I didn't stay here!
Oh I wish!
As you can see by the quality of this photo,
I have been taking pictures of strangers' homes for years!

Now, if they are in a city or town,
it seems ok to do for some reason!

And it's totally fine
if the house is a historic landmark.

Or if the owners are fictional characters!

Then there's the drive by shots.

Snap the picture and drive...
ensuring a quick getaway
so they don't shoot you!

But then there are some houses
 that are just begging to be photographed!
(Do you think the president minds?)

Look at the green lawn...
Oh I wish it were summer!

Do you take pictures of stranger's houses?

Would it bother you if someone took a picture of your house?

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  1. Yes I take photos of homes and homes vacation homes while I am on vacation. I don't see anything wrong with it. Guess I never seen someone take a photo, but I guess it would make me a little scared too!

  2. Taking photos of someone else's home is one of my guilty pleasures!!

  3. I do on vacation. It's different then. Right? Right.

  4. That's a really good point. I felt a bit violated when Google Earth launched and, although I enjoyed looking at other houses, I felt weird at the thought of people being able to see ours.

    My jury is still out!!


  5. Beautiful shots!

    I love YOUR house, though.


  6. I take photos occasionally. If someone took a photo of my house, I'd be curious but it'd be ok with me. Right now it would be a welcome thing b/c I would be thinking, oh maybe they want to buy it! lol

  7. You raise a good point. A few years ago had a rash of home invasions in our neighborhood too, so I can see why you might be a bit suspect if someone was taking pictures. Most thieves are probably not out taking photos of potential stops in broad daylight, so it's likely someone like us who thinks the house is beautiful!

  8. I would get freaked out if I saw someone taking pictures of my home...but I wonder if a robber do that in plain site? If it does happen I'll have to remind myself that it's a probably a blogger (what are the chances??), but in all likelihood it could be a realtor doing comparisons of homes in a town.
    But I don't think it's a worry for us - our house has no curb appeal!! (yet)

    A barking dog is a great burglar deterent! :)

  9. I always feel guilty if I take pictures of someone else's house, even though it is perfectly legal. I guess that's because I wouldn't want anyone taking a picture of mine. Thought provoking post!

  10. I'm guilty of drive-by shootings, too! It would probably worry me/make me made to see someone taking a pic of my house though!!! I do enjoy the different architecture types, colors, gardens etc.

  11. I have taken my share of house pics, too...but would be very nervous if someone took one of mine. Hmm...will think next time! Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  12. Oh, I definitely do!! I think as long as I don't step on their property it's okay.

  13. I take pictures of houses, and I am constantly looking at homes for sale online. I guess I'm obsessed with houses. I'd be flattered if someone took a picture of mine.

  14. Ha ha ha! You are so sweet, with this lovely home collection which spreads through the years! Me, I would feel both uncomfortable and flattered if someone took a pic of my home. But as a guilty pleasure, I love photographing houses in decay :D

  15. I've never taken photos of homes, other than on vacation, although I wish I had! I did catch someone taking photos of my home before, it was kinda weird and creepy! But I don't imagine a robber would be taking photos of houses??


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