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January 12, 2012

Black Doors

Lately, I have been loving the look of black doors.

But right now,
all the doors in my house are white
except the front door.
And I love the black there.
(No, my wreath is not on the door anymore,
I just didn't feel like going out in the rain to re-shoot!)
But as you can see,
the interior of the door is white.
But if I paint the front door.
I would probably have to paint the two closet doors
and that might be too much black.

So instead, I am thinking about the door
 that leads to the garage.
Now there is no denying that this baby is in desperate need
of a good paint job (and cleaning!)
We use this door to come in from the garage everyday
and it has become one of those things that we don't even see anymore.
I guess it is so ugly that I pretend it is not there.
But it is.
And it will be changing!

I LOVE this interior garage door:
Garage black door!
I love the numbers painted on it too.
If only my garage looked that good! via

Or this gorgeous one.
Black door
I love this whole entryway! via

So I am thinking, I might start there.
Oh, did you notice that our garage still has non-painted walls?
My silly husband thinks it makes the house look new.
Get over it dear!
We have lived her for 13 years.
We are not fooling anyone!
But I am sure after I open the can of worms and
paint the door black,
those walls won't be far behind!

I am also considering painting
the interior side of the door black.
It is at the end of the hall
 and might look good in black.

But would I have to paint the surrounding doors black too?
Decisions, decisions...



  1. It's really what you like most that counts I think. The black on the doors is fabulous I think. Love your front door. Pat

  2. i also thought of painting the interior of my front door black. The outside of it is BM exterior red. Starting with the door in th garage is a great idea. I might just try that!

  3. Loving the black doors! As to painting the inside... well it's only paint if you don't like it!! Thanks for sharing the inspiration pics too!

  4. Very interesting idea. I like the black doors, actually. Recently, I took a little design workshop, and the lady who taught it had a black bathroom. It was small, too, and it looked so great and dramatic. Hmmm…now you've got me thinking.

  5. Do it! Especially the garage door. I painted the inside of mudroom door a dark charcoal color. I liked it so much I did the other side (garage side). It's fabulous because it doesn't show the dirt/wear that white does. My dad even commented on how much he liked dad NEVER comments on my decorating choices!

    I don't think you would have to paint surrounding doors. You could always try it and decide after.

  6. I painted front and back doors black, inside and outside, love them! I had a client do it this week, she was so skeptical and now wants to do more! Baby steps...just start with one! :)

  7. The front door looks great in black, and I like the idea of the garage door painted black too! Can't help on the interior side though.

    Thank you for linking this interesting post to Potpourri Friday!

  8. I painted all my doors on the first floor a very dark brown. Some people think they are black, but it isn't quite as dark as black. It is iron gate by Sherwin Williams. It is a discontinued color, but they still can mix it. I love the look of darker doors. Oh, and my door in the garage is just like yours. I have painted it three times. Will do the dark color next time.

  9. I painted my front door black over the summer. I was wondering what paint you used... I used "door paint" but it came out wayyy too glossy in my opinion.

    Visiting from

  10. Ooh, I love the black door! I think that you should leave your interior front door white, but definitely paint the door at the end of your hallway black. I don't think you need to worry about the other hall doors. That door stands on its own, and the black would look so great at the end of your pretty carpet runner!

  11. I LOVE the look of a black door! I think the garage door looks great painted too! We need to get a new front door..and garage door for that matter. Good inspiration!

  12. I think it would be wonderful to paint the door black! I would paint the interior, too> What about painting numbers on the stair facings going up? Just a thought! Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog!

  13. I just painted my front door black a few months ago and I absolutely LOVE it, I was thinking about doing my garage door too, it is an ugly rust color and very dirty and we too come in and out of the house that way so you just don't see it anymore. I think the door at the end of your hallway would look nice in black it will blend well with the gallery frames you have hanging there. I just put white vinyl numbers on my mailbox and was thinking about doing the same for the front door. Check out my post at

  14. Black doors can look very striking but not sure where you'd be able to stop once you got started!
    Thanks for stopping by Normandy Life earlier.
    Have a great weekend.

  15. I love black doors and actually did a post on them recently too. Not only would your door look good black, but so easy to keep clean!! Happy weekend ~

  16. I'm partying right after you at flaunt it Friday. My front door was black for 9 years, now red. The inside was black too and it stayed that way. I think the inside will be fine with the door just black on not the side windows. Maybe some kind of black window treatments to help pull it all together.

  17. I painted our front door and door coming in from the garage black right after we moved in - love it but now I want to do the interiors. Definitely try your garage door exterior - it would look so finished and fresh!

  18. It is a pretty unique touch to have black doors during the holidays, especially since the dominant colors at that time are red, green and white. And black doors for your garage, why not? =) It made your plain white door look good as new, wow! =)

  19. The color white may be pure and clean, but black is incomparable. You'll be able to match any color with it. Plus, black will not be dirtied so easily and its color won't fade so easily. Coating your front door with black paint was one impressive job!
    - Francisco Close


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