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May 31, 2011

Calypso on the Coast

This weekend, our family joined about half of the state of New Jersey
and headed to the beach for the holiday weekend. 
Although most people in New Jersey would say,
 "We went down the shore." 
I have always resisted using that ridiculous phrase.
  To me it sounds so, well - Jersey. 
Not that I don't love my state, because I do,
it's just I don't love anything to do with the stereotype of New Jersey.
Having said that, we ended up going to THE stereotypical area
of the entire Jersey Shore - Seaside...
well  - we were in Seaside Park,
 but it is just south of Seaside Heights where they film that "show".
  Anyway, I thought I would share my weekend with you...
Luckily, we had a baseball game Saturday morning
so there wasn't much traffic on the Garden State Parkway by the time we drove down.
(Not the case on the way back yesterday - uggh!)

Here is a place we love going for lunch.

Check this out...
I bought it for the name, but it was pretty good!

And what were the kids thrilled to do in their down time?
Watch Spongebob!

We had to spend an evening on the famous Seaside Heights boardwalk.
Luckily Snooki and the gang are away destroying Italy these days...

Here is your typical Jersey Shore cliche.

We did get in some great beach time.
The air temperature was in the high 80's all weekend...
but the water was a very chilly 62!
My son was just thrilled to play out on the sandbar though!

Where did you spend Memorial Day Weekend?


May 26, 2011

Beach Read for Memorial Day Weekend

If you are heading to the beach this weekend
 and want a very entertaining book to read,
 I have a great recommendation for you!

I actually bought this book the other day
 for the purpose of reading it on the beach this weekend.
But I decided to read a "few" pages to check in out
 and ended up finishing the book!

First of all, I love Paul Reiser.
I loved him on TV and in movies and
I read his previous books,
which were both hilarious, sweet and totally relatable!

And as expected, I adored Familyhood too!

I have two boys like he does, so some things in the book were just
laugh out loud funny to me.
Even though my boys, 7 &5 are a little younger than his,
boys are still boys!

Paul Reiser is a loving parent
who is trying his best
just like all of us are.

I loved his stories and his cute sense of humor.
I definitely recommend picking this one up!
Anyone who has kids will enjoy his attempt at being a good parent
and realize there are just so many things to laugh at!

Now, I need to head back to the bookstore to find another book
for the weekend!

Any recommendations?


May 25, 2011

Jumby On My Mind

I am obsessed with resort hotel rooms and
I am always trying to copy some aspect of them in my own house.

One of my favorite resorts has to be
Jumby Bay Resort.
Jumby Bay is located on a
small island off the North Coast of Antigua.
  It has everything you would need to relax.

We stayed there about 8 years ago.
I will show you what it looked like then.

Come on a tour with me:

This is the entrance to the Estate House
 where we had many wonderful dinners.
The architecture was amazing!
This is the entrance to our "Courtyard Suite".

Here we are inside - very traditional dark wood with light walls.
Like I said, these pictures were taken 8 years ago
and the rooms have a changed a lot since then!

Very neutral and calming.

The room had two showers.
This is the outside "courtyard" area with the 2nd shower (and tub).

Yes, I was quite happy to be there!

This is our suite from the outside.

It was very dry that week so the grass wasn't doing very well!

Here is the view from our suite.

The beach was pretty amazing.

We felt like we had the place to ourselves.
In fact, the island consists of just this resort
and some very exclusive private homes.

That's Antigua in the background.

And here I am, trying to sleep.
I was just 6 weeks pregnant on this trip...
So I did a lot of sleeping!

Gorgeous views everywhere.

This is what the lounge area looked like when we stayed there.
It has changed a bit since then!

I love this picture of the bikes.
They were the only way to get around the resort...
and my favorite color combination of blue and bright pink!
I should blow this up and frame it!

I hope you enjoyed touring Jumby Bay.
Like I said, since my stay there, a lot has changed!
They have added an infinity pool
and updated and brightened the rooms.

Here is a glimpse of what the suites look like now.
Totally different from when I stayed there!

Click here to check out more of what it looks like now:

You will be blown away at how even MORE beautiful the resort has become!

Have you been to Jumby Bay or any resorts in Antigua?  Please share!

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May 21, 2011

Saturday Morning

I felt the need to post this morning since we are
 getting some nice weather!
It's nice to take some time on a Saturday morning to walk around the yard.

I was so excited to see that my flowers are starting to bloom!

And my first few irises are showing up!

Some lilacs...

And a few others are blooming!

Of course I have neglected a few household chores...
These are the remnants from an early morning pillow fight!
My kids rarely sleep in...ughh! 

Pajamas are still on the floor!

None of the beds are made!

But some things ARE getting done!
(Even if it is not by me!) 
After 12 years of living here...
some things have to be replaced.
Not a fun job, but a necessary one.
Luckily, there doesn't seem to be too much damage underneath!
Oh, the fun of home ownership!

Do you have any home repairs scheduled for the weekend?

Have a great one!


May 17, 2011

Living Room Tour

Since Melissa over at HOUSEography is having another one of her famous House Tour parties, I thought I would join in with some photos of my Caribbean Inspired Living Room.  You may have seen some of the pictures if you follow my blog, so I added in a couple extra just so you guys won't get bored!

Make sure you go check out her amazing blog,
Her Living Room is amazing!

Here are some photos of my Living Room
at different times of the day and year.
Here is a recent shot showing the morning light streaming in.

I love walking past this room in the early morning.

Here are some late afternoon shots from last year.

And since we all love before and afters...
Here is a picture while the house was still being built in 1999!

Here is that same angle a year or two ago.
My Caribbean inspired chair from Ethan Allen.

An tropical wall hanging.

A Caribbean influenced Living Room must have a globe.
Which island shall we visit next?

The Ethan Allen British Classics Collection has some great island details.

Another flashback... 
Here is how the room looked before I added the rug, pictures, etc...
And here is a more recent shot with the rug.

The rug is from Nourison.
It picks up all the colors from the room.

Not the best background color for kids,
 but luckily they don't bring food in here!

Here are some simple Christmas decorations from this past year.
In this shot you can see the cane on the top of the table.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.
Now go over and add your own Living Room or Library to Melissa's House Tour Party!

See you there!

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