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December 12, 2011

Holiday Cookie Exchange

Tomorrow morning I am attending
a Cookie Exchange in my neighborhood.
I always love these,
not only for the chance to sample new recipes
but for the chance to socialize
on a morning while the kids are at school!

On a normal weekday, I am frantically running around
trying to make use of every last second
until my morning kindergartener
returns home at 11:40 am.

But not tomorrow.
Tomorrow, I will socialize with the girls,
Nibble on breakfast goodies,
Sip tea...or possibly probably mimosas...
and just enjoy the morning.

Now when attending a cookie exchange,
one must bring cookies
to participate in the exchange.
Our party host has requested that we bring
4-5 dozen each.

Well, since I usually work well under pressure,
I waited until tonight to get started.
After all, I wanted them to be as fresh as possible.

So, I grabbed my wonderful book,
500 Cookies
by Philippa Vanstone
and decided to whip something up!
I chose the Rocky Road cookies.
They seemed nice and easy...and delicious.
The first 2 pans came out fine.

But during the second batch,
I got caught up folding laundry
and somehow let them stay in the oven a little too long!
The marshmallow turned a little brown
and as they cooled,
I noticed they were harder than the others.
Unfortunately, I didn't have enough ingredients to make more
and although I thought about waking up extra early to run out
and get more ingredients,
the new batch would need time to cool before I cut them.
So, I would have had to wake up REALLY early.
Nope, that's not going to happen!

So, my plan now is to be in charge of pouring the mimosas.
I will just make them extra strong!
Do you think anyone will notice my cookies?!!

I will share the recipe with you
after I get permission from the copywriter to publish it.
Yes, I am serious,
I get paranoid about copying anything
when they make those "threats" in the front of the books.

But I hope you are at least entertained by my little story...
Have you attended any cookie exchange parties this holiday season?



  1. Those cookies look really good! I would love to just be sipping anything and relaxing without the cares of the kids and family and Christmas....Oh back to reality, have fun at the party!!

  2. Hi Shelley! Your cookies look delicious. I love marshmallows and chocolate! I am participating in a cookie exchange tonight. Have I made my cookies yet? No!

    This morning my daughter will be having her wisdom teeth removed, and I haven't really been able to think about anything but that. I am hoping that after I get her home, I'll be able to bake. If not, I guess it will be a quick stop at the market bakery!!!

  3. Oh Shelley yum!! That cookbook looks wonderful!!

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    Art by Karena

  4. Your cookies look good to me. How could they not be good with chocolate and marshmallows in them. Cookie swaps are fun but I haven't been to one this year. Enjoy !


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