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November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving and a Birthday

Since I will be up to my eyeballs in turkey tomorrow,
and will not have a chance to get near my computer,
I would like to say
Happy Thanksgiving
to everyone a day early!

And not only will I be enjoying the Thanksgiving festivities,
but tomorrow I will also be celebrating my birthday!

Yes, I know it is quite sad that I have to be cooking on my birthday!
But don't feel too sorry for me...

I spent yesterday being spoiled by some good friends
 with breakfast and pedicures.
Friday night, some friends will be joining us
 for dinner in a fabulous restaurant.
And at this very moment,
my husband and kids are out birthday shopping!
My seven year old has been memorizing my list
and will be suggesting things to my husband
so they can "surprise" me! 
I guess I can't complain!
I really do have a lot to be thankful for!

And here are some old pictures of me just for fun!
I realized my mom has most of my baby pictures
but here is a picture I found from when I was one.
(Sorry about the poor quality!)

And another one - age 4.

Anyway, I hope you all
have a wonderful day tomorrow.
and I look forward to all the Christmas decor
in the weeks to come!!!

How are you spending your Thanksgiving?


  1. Have a Happy Birthday Shelley!! and a Happy Thanksgiving too!! You were just an adorable baby!!

  2. Have a wonderful day with your family, Shelley! Hope it's filled fun 'surprises,' and thanks for sharing the sweet photos!

  3. Happy Birthday! This week is my dad's too! Happy Turkey Day too!

  4. Happy birthday, Shelley! My kitchen is a mess right now, so I will be celebrating Thanksgiving at my mom's. Hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and birthday!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Shelley!!!! ...and happy Thanksgiving too!! Have a wonderful time with your family & friends!!


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