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October 17, 2011

Windows and Advice Needed

I have written several posts about my living room
 over the past few weeks.
While I am obsessing over that room,
lets talk about the windows...

 I am sure some of you might be wondering
how I can have such open windows
with no privacy in my living room. 

Well, I really do enjoy the view.

And I really do have some privacy.
The windows have the Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades on them.
I just don't have them down most of the time so you never see them. 

They are almost always up during the day.
I love to be able to see out to my front yard.

To dress up the windows,
I have thought about putting panels between each window.
But I couldn't decide how high to hang them
and I don't want them to cover the top arch window.
And I don't want to pay a fortune for custom.

I have thought about plantation shutters.

I love them in my bathrooms.
Master Bath

Guest Bath

And I love the island feel they give a room.

This is kind of how they could look when open.
I would still have the view if I opened them.
The shutters would just be on either side of it.

Sometimes I just feel the room is unfinished.
Any suggestions?

Plantation Shutters?
What do you think?

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  1. I like the windows just as they are. I like unobstructed views and I don't think your room look unfinished at all. Shutters would be my next vote!

  2. I love my plantation shutters. Such a classic look. They would go so well with your room. You could hang panels up high on short little rods just above the arch. One to the left, one center and one on the right. Either or both would look good.

  3. I say leave the windows alone. I think the room already looks great!!

  4. WOW! Your room is already amazing, and I am in love with all of those windows! Plantation shutters would be gorgeous, but pricey.

    Thanks for linking up!

    Clydia {}

  5. Zoe (Oceania Island Living)October 17, 2011 at 4:20 PM

    The windows do need balancing. Either plantation shutters or light drapes would add some grandness in keeping with design intention of these type of picture windows. With drapes, I would keep them neutral & summery. The rooms decor is in a classic style - so this should help guide you. Zoe x

  6. I had similar windows in a previous home and we had plantation shutters installed. They aren't cheap but they will last forever and the look is timeless. I loved being able to ope the shutters to let in the light.

  7. i love love love plantation shutters but sadly have never had the budget :-( I'd probably do a long rod that went all the way across all three windows at the line where the arch sits on the window. Then either do panels on just the outside or panels on the outside and between the windows. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  8. Thanks for all of your input. It is so nice to get advice from bloggers that I admire! I am leaning towards the plantation shutters - shocker. Now I have to convince Mr."Everything looks fine the way it is"! Thanks everyone!

  9. If you don't feel you have an intimacy problem, you should leave the windows are they are... They have such a beautiful shape.


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