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October 31, 2011

A Strange Halloween

Well, about an hour after I posted my snow pictures on Saturday,
we lost power.

And we FINALLY got it back a few hours ago!

For someone who keeps her heat set at 70 degrees most of the time,
it was not fun when the temperature dropped to 54
in the house.

We had to eat by dinner by candlelight.

We made a fire and we had tons of blankets
but I was still freezing!

But we are lucky to have power back
because thousands of people all over New Jersey are out.
The kids didn't have school today
and who knows how the trick or treating will go tonight.

I don't even know what the official snow numbers were
since I haven't seen the news or anything yet.
I am thinking we got around 6 inches or so.

Here are some pictures of how things look here.
This is the view out my dining room window yesterday morning.
Yes, that is a snow plow...
in October!

Once the wind kicked in,
the snow blew off the trees.

But not before doing tons of damage.
There are trees just torn in half all over the place.
The weight of the snow on the leaves just destroyed them.

And wires are down everywhere.

Not the usual scene on Halloween!
I wonder how many kids will show up tonight?

Today I am crazy-busy getting back to normal,
but tomorrow I will try to get back to everyone
who emailed and commented the last couple of days.
Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Are you having a "strange" Halloween like me?


  1. Ohhh no! I hope things get back to normal quickly!!!

  2. Glad you have power back. I know that is no fun. Happy halloween!

  3. Oh, I hate to be cold like that. It is ashamed about all the tree damage. Weird freak early storm. Glad you are getting toasty warm now.

  4. It is just crazy how much snow you got. I am glad that the power is back on and hopefully not too much damage was done.
    I hope Halloween was a hit as well in spite of the snow.

  5. I heard on the news that in some areas Halloween is being postponed. Will that be you too?

  6. Oh my gosh, Shelley, I had the same exact Halloween experience as you! My kids didn't have school yesterday & today (maybe tomorrow), still big power outages everywhere. Uh hello, Mother Nature? It's a bit early for snow thank you very much. Although your fire looks very cozy, I must admit!

  7. Thanks everyone. No, Halloween didn't get postponed for us, at least in our neighborhood. But things are different all over New Jersey depending on the power situation!


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