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October 29, 2011

Snow in October

Just thought I would share some pictures with you.
This is what it looked like at 10:45 a.m. in New Jersey.
Let me remind you...
today is October 29th!!!

My back deck.

My front walk.

And I brought in a couple pumpkins
so they won't be too frozen to carve!

Is this insane or what?



  1. Totally! I'm in southern Maine and the snow is hitting us tonight. I am so not ready for this, I still have the screens on the windows!

  2. I heard about the snow. Way too early. Pretty though.

  3. NO WAY!!!! I always think of us Canadians getting snow early, but I guess not! Thank goodness it's been a sunny, seasonal day here, because I haven't even gotten my kids winter boots yet!

  4. Yup -- I did a snow post today, too. it's still snowing here! We have more than 6 inches ... how NUTS is that? Even for NJ.

  5. Whoa! It's beautiful but too early to be thinking of snow yet!


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