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October 5, 2011

Simple Tabletop

We are in my kitchen practically all day.
So, my seasonal table decor has to stay simple.

I am loving the white pumpkins this year!

 It's easy to just push these aside when I need more space on the table.

It is a little tempting for the boys to throw them around.
But then again, it's not like they are going to break...
(The pumpkins, not the boys!)

I almost changed the plates on the wall
to something darker for fall.
But then I changed my mind when I saw them with the pumpkins.

So there you have
my super easy fall kitchen tabletop!

Do you stay simple when decorating your kitchen table?

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  1. Very cute! I love the white pumpkins! I've been wanting to get a few myself.

  2. Simple is the best way to go in the rooms you use daily. Otherwise it's annoying to move things off the table twenty times a day. Love the white pumpkins.

  3. Hi Shelley! Dumb question...are the pumpkins real, because they almost don't look it. I haven't seen any white pumpkins down this way :(

    I love the simplicity of the table and it is so true, sometimes tables need to cleared quickly...snacks, homework, etc...

    Have a great week and enjoy the stretch of lovely weather we are starting :)

  4. Thanks everyone and to Traci (Coastalpines) - No, the pumpkins are from Michaels. I bought them because I was going to do a modge podge project but then I liked the way they looked just white. I think the only real white pumpkins I have seen around are those tiny ones. Yes, I am loving this beautiful weather!

  5. Yay! Another lovely post from you.

    Do you know, I've never seen white pumpkins in the shops in England.....I must keep my eyes peeled!



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