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September 23, 2011

More Fall Fluffing

Little by little,
I have been adding some fall to my home.

Today, I made some changes
to my shelves in the dining room...
Dining Room Shelves - Fall Fluffing
Since the walls are red,
I have been liking the way white looks against them.

Here are the shelves
Wall Shelves in dining room
Neat and simple...
fine for spring or summer.

And today I fluffed them up a bit.
Wall Shelves in dining room decorated for fall
A little more filled up.
A little more fall-like.

Top Shelf
Top shelf

Middle Shelf
Middle shelf

Bottom Shelf with Royal Doulton dishes
Bottom shelf

Dining Room Wall Shelves decorated for fall

Wall Shelves in Red Dining Room - decorated for fall
I'm thinking
 this look should last me through

What are you fluffing up today?



  1. I love it, it looks fabulous! There is just something about Autumn & Winter that inspires me to "fluff" as well. I went a little crazy at Michaels yesterday....

    Thank you for your kind words on my return. The storm was so random. My heart breaks for the flooding victims, we are lucky all we had was wind damage & leaks.

    Hope your summer was beautiful :)

  2. Your fall fluffed shelves look great! I like the layers and fullness- perfect for cozying up for fall. I have a red dining room too and seeing how great white looks against it makes me think about making some changes in there.

    I've really got to get my mantel decorated for fall; I may do that today!

  3. Hi Shelley! Your shelves look great! I especially love the touch of fall foliage on the center shelf. I would definitely say your already set for Thanksgiving!

  4. Very pretty...I am inspired...tomorrow I will play with Fall decor.

  5. I fluffed a little yesterday but it's slow going. Your wall looks great. I love the red walls and the white wainscoting. You are will definitely last you until Thanksgiving!

  6. Such a pretty display and perfectly "fluffed". I love the red walls, dark furnishings, and the bright pop of classic white.

  7. It looks great! You have fluffed it beautifully!

    I love fall -- but where is the fall weather? It has been grey and muggy for days in New Jersey! I want sunshine and no humidity.

    The only thing that I don't like about fall is that winter follows it. I hate winter. It drags on for months.

  8. So pretty! Love how you've styled those shelves - I wish you could come do mine - I really struggle with shelves for some reason!! I fluffed a bit for fall today too and it feels a little more cozy around here. Love this time of year! Now if I could just skip the next season......
    Have a great week Shelley! -Lisa

  9. How beautiful! The whole area looks perfect. I love the way you've arranged the shelves. And they add just the right amount of interest to that area. Gorgeous!


  10. I am a new follower of your blog and a new blogger myself. I just love your decor. If I had space in my dining room I would copy your wall of shelving. I think they are really pretty.


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