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August 31, 2011


We have electricity!

It actually came on yesterday
but I didn't get a chance to sign on
 since I was frantically running around
washing dishes, flushing toilets, vacuuming etc,
just in case it went out again.  Whew...

What a crazy few days!
Roads were blocked everywhere.

Trees were pulled out of the ground.
(Looks like they already started cutting this one up too!)

Wires were down all over the place.
We were lucky to have electricity back so soon.
So many areas are still out!

But we had some extra help...
Thanks to some dear friends,
we were able to hook this baby up Sunday evening.
We connected it to both refrigerators, a couple lights
 and my husband's computer so he could actually work this week!
That's how I was able to sign on and give you a quick update!

Of course this helped too...
This is one of those "mobile hotspots'
 which allows internet connection from anywhere.
  A couple of weeks ago while at the beach,
 my husband needed to get online so he bought this. 
Good timing, huh?

Of course it was still inconvenient having to shower at our parents' houses.  Luckily they both had electricity and live only about 15 minutes away.  And luckily I have 2 boys because I sent them outside to pee!  The bathrooms were reserved for "emergency" situations and me of course, since we could only flush a few times thanks to the way our system is set up.  So it really wasn't that bad for us.

And the house just got a little messy and cluttered... 
But now that the power is back on,
my kitchen no longer looks like this!

We are getting things back to normal around here.
I hope everyone else is doing ok.
I have to start reading through the blog posts I missed!
Oh, and thank you for your comments and emails!
I will try to get back to everyone today.
I felt so cut off from the world!

And speaking of being cut off from the world,
I think that is what the state of Vermont is going through now!
My heart breaks for them and the lovely town of Killington where
we have gone on ski vacations for the past 20 years!

Apparently one of the base lodges collapsed
 and there is massive flooding everywhere.

I hope everyone is safe.

Did the hurricane hit your area?



  1. Glad things are getting back to normal for you! XOXO

  2. Glad you have lights again, and glad you were safe. Prayers going out to all of those who weren't as fortunate.


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