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June 25, 2011

Soaking Up the Sun Saturday #4

This week's sunny/beach image is
in Lanai, Hawaii.
If you ever get to the Hawaiian Islands,
I highly recommend this perfect resort!
I really need to go back someday!

Are you traveling or staying close to home this weekend?


  1. Its a great resort. I have been there....nice selection!!!

  2. You did one of my most favorite things on your vacation - house stalk. One time we were in Palm Beach (talk about house eye candy) and i was just snapping pics like crazy from the sidewalk, and one of the neighbors came outside and asked what i was doing! My husband was with me and said "We're from the bank". That man ran back outside - it was too funny.

  3. i meant inside. Good lord. I need a vaca from my vaca!


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