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June 8, 2011

Quick Advice Needed!

I would love some input on a purchase....

I have been looking for a bed/headboard for my 5 year old's room forever.  He inherited the guest bedroom which has a queen bed.  I used to have a brass bed (see below) in there but I thought it looked too girly so for the past couple of years (ughh - how has it been that long?...), he has been sleeping on the boxspring and mattress with no headboard or anything.  At first it sounded like a great solution because he was close to the floor and I never had to worry about him falling out.

Now he will be 5 tomorrow and this is getting quite pathetic! 

The poor kid needs a real bed! 

The problem is that most queen beds are too grown up looking - (and expensive!).  Then the other day, I came across a furniture store that is having a tent sale.  Check out this great headboard they had - and it is only $100! 

Now I know you think I am crazy not to buy it immediately, but I think through ever single purchase so carefully and I don't want to just get it because it is cheap!  As you can see, it is off white so I would probably paint it navy blue to go with my son's nautical bedroom.  But I don't have a lot of furniture painting experience and I am a little scared!  Do I feel like taking on a project like that?  I thought painting my bathroom vanity was going to be no problem but that took forever.  Am I being a wimp or what?  And if I paint it navy, would it work in a boy's room or does the shape look too girly?

Now, the reason I need some quick advice is because I am afraid someone else will buy the headboard if I don't act quickly...

So what do you think?
Buy it or don't buy it?

Thanks for your help!


  1. Buy it now!!! It is a classic headboard and only $100 can't go wrong. You can repaint it for years as your needs change. That's my advice!

  2. Run! What a steal!!! It will be perfect for him!! Painting isn't too bad. You can totally do it!

  3. Run, don't walk to that furniture store and BUY that headboard!! Honestly, I think it would be easy to paint! Think of all the color combos you could paint- red, white and blue, or blue and white, or navy.... It will be perfect for you son's room!

  4. It is awesome, I will be so mad at you if you don't buy it, not really but did I sound convincing?

    If you are afraid of paint, buy 4 cans of spray paint and spray it, easy peasy!!!!

    Good Luck, let us know!
    Kristin XO

  5. Buy it's an awesome deal and will look great in a boys room, even in it's white color!



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