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June 7, 2011

Master Bedroom Revisited

Since I love joining Melissa's House Tour Parties over at HOUSEography, I am re-posting some pictures of my master bedroom to join in the party!  Hopefully, you won't be bored if you have seen them before, but the first time I posted them was when I started my blog and absolutely NO one was reading it at the time - (not that I have a huge following now...but at least I know some of you read my blog now!)  Plus, I added a couple more just to keep it interesting...

I love this time of year
 when the afternoon sun streams in
 and the breeze blows the curtains.

Makes me want to take a nap.

Here is a shot before I changed my lampshades.
And here are the new lampshades.
Gotta love Pottery Barn...

I rarely sit in this chair.
Normally, it is the dumping area for freshly folded clean clothes!

I love woven shades.

More Pottery Barn from a few years ago.

I wanted a ceiling fan in here
 because that's what they usually have in the islands.
Unfortunately, the kids have thrown so many things at this one
that it no longer works!
I have to decide what to do here!
Here is the entrance to the master bathroom.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Go check out Melissa's blog, HOUSEography and add your Master Bedroom!  I would love to see it!



  1. Your bed reminds me a little bit of ours. And your windows! Oh, don't get me started on how gorgeous they are. Ooops, too late!! They're SOOOOOOOO lovely. You lucky, lucky thing!!


  2. Wow! That is a huge bedroom! Love the colors.

  3. Very pretty! Love your bedding and lamp shades!

  4. love the beachy vibe in your bedroom, and even more with the lamp shades. such a great space-i love having room for seating in my bedroom-don't you just love it? even if i never use it, lol!


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