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June 10, 2011

It Happened Again!

When will I learn?!!!

The other day I posted about a headboard I saw at a furniture sale for $100!
Yes, $100...

(Click HERE to read that post.)

Look how cute it is..

I asked your advice and EVERYONE said I should buy it IMMEDIATELY!

I don't know why I can be such an idiot.
I should have snatched it up the second I saw it.
Because now it is GONE.

Thanks for all of your advice.  You guys were right and now I am totally regretting the fact that I waited!!!!

When will I learn?

If you want to see how I have been an idiot in the past,
read this post:  Hesitation
Believe me, this is not the first time I have made this mistake...


Please tell me I am not the only one out there with this problem...Actually, I know I am not because some of you wrote me some funny comments last time about this.

Have you have any recent idiot moments like this?


  1. I can't stand it when I do that - I know what you mean! Whenever I pass up something I really want - It is never there when I go back to get it. Urgh!!

  2. I do the same thing all the time, usually I find something better, sometimes I could just kick myself.


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