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May 26, 2011

Beach Read for Memorial Day Weekend

If you are heading to the beach this weekend
 and want a very entertaining book to read,
 I have a great recommendation for you!

I actually bought this book the other day
 for the purpose of reading it on the beach this weekend.
But I decided to read a "few" pages to check in out
 and ended up finishing the book!

First of all, I love Paul Reiser.
I loved him on TV and in movies and
I read his previous books,
which were both hilarious, sweet and totally relatable!

And as expected, I adored Familyhood too!

I have two boys like he does, so some things in the book were just
laugh out loud funny to me.
Even though my boys, 7 &5 are a little younger than his,
boys are still boys!

Paul Reiser is a loving parent
who is trying his best
just like all of us are.

I loved his stories and his cute sense of humor.
I definitely recommend picking this one up!
Anyone who has kids will enjoy his attempt at being a good parent
and realize there are just so many things to laugh at!

Now, I need to head back to the bookstore to find another book
for the weekend!

Any recommendations?



  1. hmmmm....I might have to check that book out:)

  2. Sounds like a great book! I like him a lot too.

  3. That was me above....having a hard time commenting on some blogs without doing it as Anonymous.
    Penny from The Comforts of Home


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