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April 13, 2011

New Lamp Shades

I keep looking for excuses
to avoid finishing my bathroom vanity painting project.

My latest excuse...
I need new lampshades in my bedroom!

These just bore me.  
And they get lost against the linen white wall.

I thought about buying some fabic and covering my own,
but my diy projects aren't very successful these days....

Then I found these cute damask ones from Pottery Barn!

They stand out much better,
yet don't overpower the room

They still remain a little beachy
 because of the woven lamp base.

I replaced the 60 watt with 75 watt
 just in case my husband thinks they darken the room. 
Let's see how long it actually takes him to notice
I bought new ones! 

Ok, now back to my painting project,
I have stalled enough!

Do you ever lose momentum halfway through a project
 and then temporarily move onto something else?

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  1. Very pretty! I did a lamp makover this week too!

  2. I love these lampshades! Beautiful!

  3. Love those. I have the yellow one like them. Love the blue. Thanks for joining WUW.

  4. What pretty lampshades! They look so nice in the room!

    I am constantly starting projects and then moving onto something else. I guess everything gets done eventually! :)

  5. Very pretty. I am always stopping and starting projects... like my stairs.

  6. It adds drama to your room. It definitely looks good on your bedside.


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