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April 14, 2011

Defining Calypso

Today I am writing my post specifically for Sarah's
Modern Country Style
Define Your Blog Link Party! 
After you are done here, go over and check out her blog!

Welcome to
Calypso In The Country

Come on in...

Hello everyone, I am Shelley and I just love the Caribbean.
I have traveled there at least once a year for the past 20 years.
In that time, I have fallen in love with everything from the beaches, to the people, to the culture
and the laid back atmosphere. 

Although I live in somewhat of a country setting in New Jersey, I still love to bring back some of that island feel to my home.  Why not bring the Calypso to the Country!  Whether it is through decor, food or just a general sense of relaxed living, I like to feel like I am on vacation at all times! 

My home is not shouting, "I am obsessed with the islands!" in any way. 
In fact it is more of a relaxed, traditional style with some island accents sprinkled in. 

Originally, I envisioned my blog to have more inspirational photos from various magazines and websites helping me to share what I felt island style was all about.  But being the "paranoid afraid of copyright infringement person" that I have become, the blog has evolved more into my own photos, stories of travels and a surprising number of home improvement, decor posts, tablescapes and a bit of New Jersey!  Hey, I have to protect the image of my state after what the reality shows have done to it lately!

I enjoy taking elements of what I see on vacation
and making them work in a home that,
is not on the beach!

Below are some older posts you might want to check out. 
I feel these really define what I am trying to achieve here:

But we can't forget the "country" part of Calypso in the Country:

Some goals for my blog:

1.  Add more of my trip reports.  I barely have any on here and I am sure I can pull tons of inspiration from the photos.
2.  Go on vacation more so I can take more photos...ha ha...(I am still upset that we had to go to Disney this year instead of the Caribbean!)
3.  Find out all the correct details about posting pictures from websites so I wont' be worried about copyright problems.
4.  Attempt more DIY projects.  Yeah, I can hear my husband laughing from here...
5.  I would say "post more" if I really meant it.  I only post a few days a week which I think is fine for me.  This blog is just a hobby so I don't want to get stressed about it.  I like to think that I am working on it in "Island Time".

I hope I have been able to define what my blog is all about!

Have you defined your blog?
Go on over to:
to do so!

I gotta run, I think there is a rum punch with my name on it somewhere...



  1. Love your blog and your style! I really like your second goal. One of mine too! haha I always enjoy my visits here!

  2. Okay, don't mind if I do. I'd love to sit in one of your wicker chairs. Gorgeous room! There is something so magical about the sea and Coastal living. It's nice that you've been able to bring that feel to your home. I think it feels very relaxed.
    Couldn't agree more with #5. Blogging is a creative outlet. We should enjoy it and not stress ourselves out.
    Enjoyed my visit!
    Michelle :)

  3. Hi,
    I am joining Sarah's lovely party from my vintage apartment in Chicago. So glad you joined, too.


    Gg - Notes on the Journey
    Link #26

    ps. We could all use more vacations and more island time in our lives.

  4. Your blog is lovely and so is your decorating style. I love it!
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. Hello lovely,

    Well, let me start by saying that I am SO jealous that you've been to the Carribean so many times. I've not even been once. That's not fair, is it?!!!

    I think you're SO right about not blogging more than is enjoyable. There can be a huge self-imposed pressure to do that but I'm DETERMINED to enjoy it as much as possible!!


  6. I love your woven chairs! I am glad you decided to show more of your own home and some DIY projects. My favorite blogs are those that show their own homes and how they live.

  7. Oh I do adore your site and the first image with the wicker chairs drew me right in.

    Come over and enter my fashionable Giveaway from The French Basketeer...

    Art by Karena

  8. We love your style!! This is a wonderful post and great goals for the future of your blog - can't wait to see more from you down the road. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Love the room with the chairs Shelley! Great job and you have defined your blog perfectly! Sorry I haven't been by lately hope you are doing great!


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