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March 31, 2011

Stylish Bloggers

As I mentioned yesterday, Clydia from Three Mango Seeds was sweet enough to send me the
 Stylish Blogger Award! 

Thanks again Clydia!  Now that my younger son's fever is under control...(who will be next to get sick in this house?!!), I would like to answer the questions and pass on this award!

As the rules state, I need to list 7 things about myself and then pass on the award to 5-10 blogs.  Since I was lucky enough to receive this award one other time, here is what I listed that time - HERE.
This time, I am going to keep it strictly light hearted and entertainment related.  I have been stuck in the house with sick kids for the past week so I need a bit of an escape!  Here we go:

1.  Not only do I love Keith Urban, but I am also a HUGE Journey fan.  Yes, I still go to concerts and have enjoyed their music throughout all their lead singer changes!  Yes, they are still awesome and if you go to a concert, you will be transported back to your childhood and will know every song! 

Here I am with Neal Schon about 10 years ago.
  (Not a very flattering picture of me!)

2.  Speaking of Journey music, I am also a big fan of Glee!  I didn't start watching it from the beginning so I have been catching up with all the old episodes.  Love it!  I think Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schu) is just precious and Jane Lynch is the funniest woman on TV....actress, that is, because Ellen is also hysterical!

3.  Speaking of TV.  If you are looking for a good comedy, look no further than Thursday nights for Rules of Engagement!  I swear, this is the funniest show on television!  David Spade and his assistant, "Timmy" are absolutely hysterical!  Hey - and do you remember "Putty" from Seinfeld?  He is one of the stars and is funnier than ever!  Sometimes I laugh so hard that I cry watching this show!  The show recently moved out of the shadow of Two and a Half Men on Monday nights and is doing just great on Thursdays..."Winning!"  Sure, I loved Two and a Half Men too...must admit it was very funny but who knows what's going to happen there...

4.  And if you want a great comedy/drama with lots of great scenery and GORGEOUS houses and beaches, then check out Royal Pains on USA Network.  They just finished this season but I am sure they will be replaying soon!  It is about two brothers from Manhattan who move to the Hamptons and start a concierge Dr. business.  Mark Fauerstein and Paulo Constanzo (no, not George Costanza) - you may remember Paulo from the show "Joey".  He was the cute rocket scientist nephew.  Anyway, the chemistry between the characters is priceless and the houses are amazing!  There...that will make all you decorating bloggers watch the show!

5.  And while we are on a TV roll...does anyone remember the show October Road?  I still miss it!  Even though I own the DVDs (with the added-in series finale), I still have the last episode on my DVR - yes from March of like, 2008.  It was such a great show though!  I am still mad at ABC for not giving October Road the attention it deserved.  The characters were so real - like people you know and grew up with.  And they played great music in every episode.  I miss you October Road!

6.  Are we ever going to move on from TV shows?  Ok, ok - let's move to movies I love then!  There are certain movies that I will sit down and watch in full whenever I come across them while flipping through channels:  I will mention ones that would appeal to you guys for the interiors and scenery:  Only You - Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey, sweet, so funny and the views of Italy and the Amalfi coast are to die for!  Love it!  Honeymoon in Vegas - Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicholas Cage - I still laugh throughout that movie!..."Like unbeatable is not unbeatable!...I know that now!"  The views in Hawaii are incredible!  Of course I will always watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off whenever it is on!  What an 80's classic!  And remember what an 80's house they had - all that floral wallpaper!  Or the 80's decor in Risky Business!  More floral - but a very classic home...oh and didn't you just love the house in the Father of the Bride movies!  So I am totally dating myself with all these 80's movies huh?  Let's move on...

7.  Finally!  And to think I thought this would be a quick post!  Since we are talking about things I enjoy - let's talk chocolate!  Yes, I am addicted.  Not just any chocolate but DARK chocolate.  But hey, it is supposed to be good for you!  (but not in the quantities that I consume it!)  I actually have to hide it from myself.  I will eat whatever is in my house.  That's why I cannot buy it that often.  I love Chocolate Chocolate Chip Haagen Daaz probably the most.  I could never understand how people can let ice cream get frosted over - never happens in my house!

Ok, so that was fun...
Now it is time to go over the rules again:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who awarded you. 
    (Thanks again Clydia at Three Mango Seeds!)
2.  Share 7 things about yourself. 
    (Or in my case list seven things I love to ramble on about...)
3.  Award 5-15 blogs that I love/follow.
    (See below)
4.  Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.
   (I'm on my way for a visit!)

Now here are 5 great blogs that I have discovered recently and have begun to follow:

Tammy at Beatrice Banks
Amber at Simple Dwellings
Andrea at Oak Ridge Revival
Laura at Shore(house)Chic 

Go check them all out!  You won't be disappointed!

Have a great day!


  1. Thank you so much for your kindness! I humbly accept the award. Enjoyed reading your post. I'm a chocoholic too! I just made a choc delight dessert and am trying to eat only one piece a day. So hard to refrain! lol

  2. OK I love Keith Glee and I absolutely loved October Road and am very upset that it is not on anymore. With that said, I need to watch Rules of Engagement and Royal Pains! Oh and Dark chocolate is the best!!!! Are we related? LOL

  3. Thank you so much for the award!! I enjoyed learning more things about you! I always sing out loud when Journey comes on the radio!! And the movies you picked are classics! I will have to get creative and write up a post soon. :)

  4. Shelley so glad to find your great site!! Thank you for all of the great tips on what to watch!

    I have a Giveaway from The Zhush I know you will love! Come & join!

    Art by Karena

  5. I love Glee too!! I have watched it from day one.....

  6. If you love Keith, you should come visit me in nashville! We see him at Whole Foods, Starbucks and even the sushi joint! I used to go to this bar with my friends in my twenties (called the Tin Roof) and he would show up all the time unannounced and get up on stage. It was awesome. I'm 36 now, so that was about 8-10 years ago, lol! Now we just see him out with his wife and kiddos. Love your blog as I also looooooooove the sea. Who doesn't right? xoxo, Shelli

  7. Always love learning more about bloggers and friends!!!


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