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March 19, 2011

Spring Flowers and Caribbean Inspiration

 The warm weather these past few days
 has me thinking about spring flowers!

Since they haven't started blooming yet,
here are some shots of flowers in the Caribbean...

Love that pink!

An ocean view doesn't hurt either!

I love hibiscus!

I never get tired of looking at orchids!

Especially ones this color!

And these irises will be blooming in my yard
at the end of May!
Can't wait!

What does this warm weather get you thinking about?

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  1. How dreamy!! You weren't kidding when you said we were both thinking about flowers today!! ;o)

    Great post!

  2. Gorgeous. So pretty. I am so excited that Spring is here. Officially starts tomorrow.

  3. Oh what a dreamy post, now I'm even more excited about the warmer weather! There's just nothing to compare with seeing the first buds peeking through the ground in your garden after a long cold winter, is it?

    xo Linda

  4. Love all the flowers so pretty!
    Very cold here today and we are going to be getting rain later :(
    Hopefully soon the sun will shine again :)

  5. Oh my goodness these are so beautiful!Thanks for sharing. I am so ready for Spring flowers.

  6. Gorgeous flowers. I love everything tropical too. I'm your newest follower. Found you at DebbieDoos. check out The Coconut life blog which is my daughters,she has joined Debbies newbie party also. You have the love of the beach and tropics in common! Think you will like it.

  7. hiya visiting you from debbies newbie party and glad i did you put a smile on my face with those gorgeous photos and boy i needed it with all the rain and dreariness here in ireland x maybe i will see you at mine soon x

  8. My orchid just bloomed this weekend! Love all your flower pics! Came over from Debbiedoo's. I'm a new follower :)

  9. Beautiful flowers! Love your yard. The pink just makes me think of all things Spring :)

    Stopped by from Debbiedoos

  10. Now that is inspiring. Thanks so much for joining my newbie party.

  11. We're snowbirds in Florida and everything is blooming now but I'm getting ready to go back to NC and see the really pretty ones blooming.


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