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March 23, 2011


It happens to me all the time...
I see something I like,
then I wait and "think about it" for awhile. 

Sometimes, I am lucky.
I go back to the store,
buy the item and return home happily.

Then there are the other times...
"I'm sorry that is sold out."
"We discontinued that item."

Here's an example:
A few years ago I fell in love with this buffet from Domain.
(I took the picture on my old phone so it is a little dull.)
Yes, you know where I am going here...
Domain suddenly went out of business and by the time I found out,
this buffet was GONE!

But if I didn't spend months thinking about it,
 then it would be sitting in my dining room right now!

See this adorable Pottery Barn frame? 
Well, I always planned on buying more sometime...
Not going to happen - discontinued!

See these great plates from TJ Maxx (or maybe Marshalls)?
Not in the store anymore!
I only bought 4 but I am hoping they will show up again someday!

Ahhh, my Royal Doulton Provence Noir Dinnerware....
I fell in love with it in the Horchow catalog
 but then was lucky enough to find an outlet!
I started buying the pieces a little at a time...
Then boom! - The Royal Doulton Outlet disappeared!
Now I only have about half of what I want.
Since I am too cheap to pay full price,
I am constantly looking for sales online of this pattern.

And you would think I would learn from this...
Probably not.
I am sure I will leave the store,"thinking about it" next time I go shopping!

How about you?
 Do you ever hesitate and then lose out on something?



  1. All. The. Time. It's so frustrating! I have that pottery barn frame too! I found a round framed mirror at Homegoods 2 years ago that matches it perfectly....if I ever get sick of them, I'll let you know ;-)

    As for the dinnerware, have you tried Ebay or You could buy a piece here and there to add to your collection...

  2. Oh my, you just may be my hubbies long lost sister! Are you missing a brother by any chance? LOL. We have what is called a "trade-winds" that comes out weekly here. It is where people advertise what they want to sell from animals, autos, homes, pretty much anything. It comes out on Thursday, and if you see something you want, you better jump on it Thursday!! Well, not hubby! He keeps his until the next Thursday when a new one is coming out, then will call about what he wants from the previous week and when they say something is sold, he will say "sold, what do you mean sold?" Ugh! He knows to call when he finds it, and this is a continous pattern with him. He does it all the time, so I am thinking ya'll just may be kin-folk, lol.

  3. Oh, yes! All the time. I still mourn the loss of a beautiful, very old pine blanket chest that I didn't buy when I was 16 years old, at an antiques shop in the Hamptons. I made the mistake of listening to my Mom! I wish I had it now . . . 40 years later! Yeah, I kind of should let that go, shouldn't I?

    More snow coming tonight! Batten down the hatches in good old Jerz. We're escaping to the east end of Long Island tomorrow for a long weekend at the beach house -- thank goodness it has heat!

  4. PS ... I signed on as your 51st follower! We Jersey bloggers have to stick together. :-P


  5. As a frequent shopper at HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and Tuesday Morning, I've definitely experienced what you've described! Nowadays,if I really like something, I go ahead and buy it with the thought that I can return it. Only problem is, I hate standing in those return lines! :)

  6. I do love that PB frame. I am thinking I could try to make it on my own.

  7. It happens to me all the time, Shelley!
    Especially with antiques!
    So nice to find you. I spent 12 summers in Cape May with my family as a child. I love it there~


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