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March 3, 2011

Goodbye Grimy Grout!

I am in the process of buying new tile flooring for my laundry room and bathroom.
  (See HERE if you want to read that post.)
I have been staring at my floors a lot lately.
  Since those two rooms are right off the hallway that leads to the kitchen, 
I am very aware of what my kitchen grout looks like these days. 
Yuck, would be about the best word that comes to mind!
It even looks worse in person.

Anyway, I was at the tile store yesterday and found this product:
The guy let me try one out at the store and it really seemed to work.
But he hadn't seen my tile!

So I bought one and tried it at home:
First you rub it into the grout...
You don't even need water or cleaners!

Then just vacuum all the blue dust it leaves behind.
(It kind of acts and feels like an eraser.)

And there you go - all clean!

Here is a little closer look.

And for comparison - here is a clean section next to a dirty one...
See how clean the bottom part is?

Seriously, even though I feel like an infomercial - I swear this works!
I am always so THRILLED to find a product that really works!
And to top it off, your arms will get a bit of a workout!
(Yes, it does get a bit tiring rubbing it on the grout!)

Just thought I would pass this on to everyone out there who struggles with dirty grout!
In the past I have used baking soda, toothbrushes and all kinds of gritty cleaners.
And there is NO way I am paying a fortune to get it professionally cleaned!

So, I am totally recommending the R-Teez Tile and Grout Cleaner!
(And no, I do not have any connection with the company.)

Has anyone tried this?

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  1. I've never heard of this....but am sure going to to make a trip to the tile store this weekend! My grout looks alot worse than yours did! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  2. Thank you for sharing info about this tile cleaner - I, too, have tried lots of different techniques for cleaning our grout and it's still nasty! Looking forward to giving this a go :)
    Thanks for linking up to The After Party @ 3 Meadow Lake Cottage!

  3. Ok I have tried all sorts of concoctions to no avail in trying to clean my tile. Where do I run to to buy this miracle?

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your support. When I hit the "send" button on yesterday's blog post I had that queasy feeling in my stomach. Your big heart and lovely comment made it all better.

    Tomorrow I am making a fool of myself. Come by if you need to beat the Monday blah's.

    Be blessed dear one!

  4. I just found the website for this.
    It is They list the retailers by state. Hope this helps!

  5. I haven't tried this but it looks like it works great. Your grout must not be sealed if you can clean it like this. I think I would seal it so I didn't have to do this again. Just a thought.

  6. Yes, I am definitely sealing the grout when I am finished cleaning it! It has been many years since it has been sealed and I am sure every bit of the original sealer has worn off. We have lived here for 12 years. Also, I just read the back of the package and it does say: "Works on sealed or unsealed, sanded or unsanded grout - any color." Hope that helps! Thanks everyone for your comments!

  7. Wow! This is really interesting. That product does work like an eraser that just cleans off the dirt on the grout. Most people are having a hard time having to clean their grout, especially as it takes a lot of work to get them whiter again. I am so glad you were able to clean them out.
    Dwight Franklin


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