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February 16, 2011

End of Winter Tablescape

The snow is melting!
The temperatures are expected to reach
60 degrees here on Friday! 
Here is one last tablescape using subtle winter colors.
End of Winter Tablescape

Goodbye pinecones...

Goodbye scarf...

Goodbye sun that sets too early...

Soon these browns will be traded in for bright pinks!

Spring is only a month away!
My next tablescape will be full of color!

Are you done with winter?
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Thanks again for Susan for hosting!



  1. Very nice! I really like your centerpiece! Good weather coming here's going to be 75 here on Friday after really cold weather! Problem is, I'll be in Chicago where it will be in the 40's :(

  2. I'd love to see your browns paired with your bright pinks!!! Hey...every time I come to your blog, I try to avert my eyes to I don't catch any of your side section. Why? Because every time I do, my eyes go straight to the words "pina colada", and then I want one!!! I am seriously sitting here considering a little trip to the grocery store for some fresh pineapple to make one! Doggone it!!! I'll have to change out of my pajamas! Oh, well! ;-) Thanks for stopping by my blog this evening. I appreciate it! Have a wonderful week!

  3. It will be quite awhile before we can say bye to winter in our neck of the woods but I sure enjoyed seeing yours farewell! Love the green of the topiaries with the browns on your table! Your dishes are really pretty too.


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. You've skillfully created a perfect transitional tablescape that calls to mind the dusk of winter and gives rise to hopes for the dawn of spring. Perfect choices for your room and that marvelous light kissing the table. Thank you for sharing your beautiful design and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  6. I think everyone has spring fever! I love your winter tablescape, especially the plates, chargers and the nice touch the pinecones add. I'm looking forward to seeing the pinks...

    By the way they are saying 60's maybe 70's for us, we earned it!

  7. A very lovely table! I love those dishes and so wish I had gotten them. The nito chargers set the perfect mood. I used pinecones too this week.. how funny. thanks for dropping in and leaving your kind comments.

  8. Shelley, this is such an appealing table! I love the serene color scheme -- the plates are just lovely, too. And I thoroughly second the "Goodbye to Winter"! Thank you for your kind comments on my table this week!

  9. That is really pretty and I love the simplicity.

  10. Your table so clean and pretty!

  11. Hey Shelley
    Very nice! Can't wait for your spring design. We are also enjoying super mild temperatures right now, just in time for our Family Day long weekend.

  12. Your tablescape is beautiful! I really like the colors that you used. I really like your blog and have had a great time reading over your posts!

  13. Love your table, it's gorgeous!!!
    Thanks for your comment, you could also think about a stencil on the wall....that can always have a great impact :)XO

  14. Shelley, ♥♥♥ your table...the plates are gorgeous...what is the pattern?

  15. Thanks for all your wonderful comments! And thanks to Marigene, I realized I never listed the sources of my dishes etc...
    Dishes: Royal Doulton - Provence Noir
    Chargers: Pier One
    Wire basket: Can't remember (long time ago)
    Wine glasses: Pier One
    Flatware: Rosanne by Retroneu (discontintued from Crate & Barrel about 10 years ago)
    Scarf "runner": Ralph Lauren
    Twig balls: I think Pier One a while ago
    Topiaries: Ballard (long time ago)
    Candlesticks: Pier One
    Placemats: Pier 1 One (long time ago)
    Tealight holders: Southern Living at Home
    I hope that helps! Have a great weekend everyone!


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