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January 20, 2011

A Problem?

Look what came in the mail today, yes all today!  I don't know whether to jump up and down with excitement or join a magazine obsession support group!
Now at least I will have something to read during the upcoming snowstorm tomorrow!
(Who am I kidding, I can't wait till tomorrow to dig in!)

Does anyone else have a magazine "problem" like I have?


  1. Girl, that is so funny. I feel the same way sometimes. I subscribe to some of the same mags as you do but I haven't gotten mine yet. Maybe tomorrow, during the snowstorm. They better not be wet and soggy :)

  2. What's even worse is the fact that I haven't even received my Southern Living, House Beautiful and I think there is one more...yes, serious problem here...

  3. GUILTY!! And sometimes I haven't finished with one issue before the next one arrives...this past week I finally went thru all the xmas issues and ripped out my inspiration pages that I "dog eared" last on to Jan issues before the feb issues arrive!!

    Thanks for visiting Pandora's Box - come again!!

  4. We read all the same things! And I LOVE LOVE Ballard's.

  5. Yes! Ballard was great today--wasn't it? I was looking at it with my baby and when we got to the fabric page he said "OOOOOHHHHH"! Love it.

  6. Ha, I posted about my obsession about a year and a half ago. I noted in the post that if I had all the money I had spent on magazines over the years, I'd be living in the beach cottage of my dreams.

    My biggest problem was I saved them all. Then I finally starting pulling out the articles I loved and organized them in binders, complete with sheet protectors. I finally had over thirty notebooks and still I a HUGE stack of magazines. I finally purged them all but about half a dozen notebooks.

    Now I have no subscriptions and when I get near the magazine rack in a store, I quickly and quietly RUN away!

  7. This was how my mailbox looked last night! I was sooooooo excited!

    I got my House Beautiful a couple days ago. I'm sure it will show up any day now!

  8. Yes, I had several new mags pop through the mail slot this week too. Now to carve out some time to read them all. Happy weekend!



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