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January 14, 2011

Inspired by Nate and the Bee

Recently, after watching an episode of the Nate Berkus Show, I started to feel guilty about all the de-cluttering projects I have in the house.  So I decided to tackle one at a time.  I started with my spice cabinet.
I know it's just one small step, but I threw out all the old spices and lined up the rest on little risers.  And thanks to Nate's show, I didn't feel the need to make it perfect.  I didn't bother putting the spices in alphabetical order like I attempted in the past.  I just made everything neat, clean and easy to reach.

Unfortunately, I have more de-cluttering to do in my house...

Welcome to my most used junk drawer.  Unfortunately, all I have done so far is open the drawer, take a picture, close the drawer and walk away.  Just too much to deal with right now. 
But then today I came across Cristin's post at  Simplified Bee and I got motivated again to tackle this drawer (and many others like it).  She has some great ideas for organizing as well as making it look pretty.  Go check out her great blog!



  1. Thank you so much! I am flattered by the mention. Keep up the great work organizing and blogging!


  2. You've inspired me to redo my spices!! Currently they are on a lazy susan and I can NEVER find right away what I need, love this idea....Did you make or buy risers??

  3. Great inspiration. I hope you post of pic of your "after" junk drawer. Before moving, my kitchen was well organized, but the rest of my junk was usually scattered here and there. My studio always looked like a tornado went through it, lol.

    Happy organizing!

  4. Oh boy - I need to do the same thing. Especially in my craft/office...that I actually only use as storage. I gotta get it cleaned out!!

  5. I love your spice organization! My spices drive me nuts! Can't wait to see more organizing projects, maybe I will be inspired!

  6. Now this is truly inspiring!!! Happy Tuesday!


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