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December 17, 2010

Silly Island Signs

I just love some of the signs you see in the Caribbean!  This classic one is from Grand Cayman.

And another one from Grand Cayman...

I love these signs at the "Roundabouts"...which we call "circles" in NJ - (NJ also has "jughandles" - which the out of state people just don't understand!)

Although not a "silly" sign, it's a great sign to see after a long drive from the other side of Grand Cayman!

I especially love this one from St. John!

I have some signs in my house but they are quite boring compared to the Caribbean ones!

This is in my laundry room.

This one is in my kitchen.  It's only about 5 1/2 inches and usually sits in my narrow windowsill.  It was too hard to take a picture of it there with all the glare...
Hear that Santa?  I would love a new camera!

Have you seen any silly signs on your vacations?  Or do you have any in your house?


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