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November 16, 2010

Grand Cayman with Kids

Three years in a row, 
we have traveled to the island of Grand Cayman
 for our annual family vacation. 

Pier at Rum Point

Grand Cayman is a fabulous island for kids for the following reasons:

Easy Access - For us, Grand Cayman is a direct flight from Newark, NJ.  (Kids are much less cranky if they don't have to wait around in airports)

Condos - There are so many to rent right on Seven Mile Beach (We all get to have a little space - and you can't beat the location!)

And you can't beat the convenience of your own refrigerator and freezer...

Seven Mile Beach - Need I say more?  And it is right outside our door (no lugging beach junk a long distance)

3rd Floor at the Avalon.

View from the 2nd Floor at the Avalon.

Great Restaurants - Most restaurants are kid friendly and kids can take part in fish feedings and other entertainment.

Of course, if you go to Coconut Joe's, you may have to put up with the occasional chicken at lunch!  My kids loved this...
(I did not).

The kids loved the parrots in some of the restaurants.

Rum Point -
Our annual drive to the other side of the island promises an enjoyable day filled with water sports, lunch and laying on the hammocks!

Kid friendly attractions - Of course, there is the famous Stingray City which is pretty amazing!  We haven't taken the kids there yet but my husband and I visited several years ago.  There is also the famous town of "Hell" which is an area of some interesting rock formations and a little tourist trap of a gift shop with a funny guy dressed like the devil.  There is also...

(This place has gotten a bit overpriced and needs to be taken care of a little better...but the kids love it!)

The kids loved climbing around in the caves and they loved when the parrot pooped on my husband's head!

This picture was taken at the now closed Butterfly Farm but apparently the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is a wonderful place to visit and they have a Blue Iguana!

Atlantis Submarines provides real submarine rides and glass bottom boat tours.  We chose the glass bottom boat tour which was cheaper, less scary and safer (according to me).  We ended up being the only family so we had our own private tour!

Healthcare - Grand Cayman has "real" hospitals, doctors, etc - unlike some of the other islands we have been to where a witch doctor rides up on a donkey...(Great for a hypochondriac like myself - While traveling I always wonder what would happen if I came down with appendicitis or something!)

Low crime rate - Always a concern for me, especially when my husband likes to get the ground floor unit so we can walk out to the sand!

View from a ground floor unit at The Avalon. 
(I just noticed I have a lot of window view pictures on here!)

Did I mention Seven Mile Beach?!!!...I really need to start planning next year's trip...

Have you been to Grand Cayman?  
Where do you take your family?

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  1. Hopped over from Maya's blog, nice to meet you.

    GC's one of my favorite destinations too. Even tho very Americanized, there's an easy sweetness about it that can't be beat. Sadly, Sir Turtle doesn't fly out of Houston anymore... Cayman Airways is so friendly.

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos :-)

  2. We leave for Grand Cayman tomorrow morning! We have vacationed there for over 25 years. Our 5 kids grew up enjoying beautiful Seven Mile Beach, and now we are blessed to go with kids AND grandkids! There will be 15 of us this year! A little bit of heaven!

  3. A Cayman doctor is the best doctor in the world in my opinion. I can say this as I love this city for its healthy atmosphere. Whatever you are going to do here, whether you are here on an official tour or a casual tour you will find this place quite healthy and neat.

  4. I'm so happy to have found this post! We are visiting Grand Cayman with our 3 kids in just 2 weeks. I've been wondering if there will be enough to do and if it's a safe place to be with our children. Thanks for this post! It's has really helped me!

    1. You will love it there! Have a wonderful trip!


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