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November 29, 2010

From Eternity to Eternity

I have been wearing Eternity perfume by Calvin Klein for about 20 years.  Although, I don't wear perfume everyday anymore (trying to stay as natural as possible), I still like to smell nice when I go out.  I just recently finished my last bottle of Eternity and then went through my occasional phase of wanting to try something new. 

Usually, this need to try a new scent hits me right after I have been to an island.  I come home with some wonderful smelling lotions from the hotel, use them up right away and then start looking for perfume to re-create that great vacation feeling.
I loved this mango scented moisturizer from the Regent Palms.

I've tried a few mango, coconut, and other island inspired lotions and perfumes...

And this alluring 'Beachy' by Lilly Pulitzer which had so much promise...adorable bottle and really did smell like I spent the day at the beach!

Since I did just run out of Eternity, it was a great time to experiment with new perfumes again.  I was back and forth to the perfume counters for weeks.  I really wanted to find my new signature scent.

I even broke out all the ones I've tried in the past for a second chance.  I have collected quite a few as gifts and I just feel guilty getting rid of them.  I even tried some essential oils to go more organic...but I still really wanted to be capture that beachy vibe.  As much as I loved them all, I still didn't feel like I found "The One"...

Then last week, I am at this party talking to a group of people and I say to one of the women, "You smell so great, what perfume are you wearing?"  And wouldn't you know it, she is wearing ETERNITY!  Even though it smelled a little different on someone else, I did still love it and knew right then and there that my search was over. 

I guess it was meant to be! 
And off to Sephora I went!

So much for trying to capture that vacation feeling in a bottle!

Do you have a favorite scent that you just can't give up? 


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