August 16, 2013

Friday Food Focus

Welcome to the Friday Food Focus
where each week I highlight a brand of food that is

This week...........
drumroll please.....

is the letter "K"!

And for the letter "K" were are talking about
King Arthur brand of flour.

Yes, flour...
I know, what could be more exciting than that?

But hey, we use flour in so many baking and cooking recipes.
Why not buy organic?

We use King Arthur Organic All Purpose Flour
when I can find it at the store.
The company sells several different types of organic flours
so go check out their website and start baking!

As always, I am not being compensated in any way
to mention these Non-GMO products.

If you would like to check out previous posts
in my GMO-free A to Z journey,
click on each letter below.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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