Friday, April 10, 2015

The Door Dilemma - Raised Panel or Shaker

Through all the craziness these past few weeks...
(I haven't even mentioned that my poor Rosie ate something bad two weeks ago and spent a day at the vet with an IV, xrays, blood work etc...She's okay now but so scary!)

As I was saying, I somehow managed to make all the necessary decisions and order my kitchen cabinets - yay!  They should be arriving in about 6 weeks.

The other night, I happened to leave a door sample sitting on my kitchen counter.  My husband looks at it and says, "Those aren't the cabinets we are getting, are they?"  (Shoot me now...)  "Yes, they are.  You don't like them?"...I asked.  "They look dirty.", he replied.  (The sample had a glazing on it, even though I don't think I am doing a glaze.) 

Why is it that someone around here is second guessing my decisions and has suddenly developed an interest in decorating?  This brought back a flashback to our wedding planning when suddenly he needed to be involved in choosing the china.  Yeah, my golfer, former college football player, doesn't care about clothes, man's man of a husband suddenly cares about making the kitchen pretty!  Ugh.  

So the next day, my very patient, saint-of-a-kitchen-designer dropped off a bunch of door samples to look over again.  I had to show my husband what a raised panel looked like without the glazing (and I had to reassure myself that I made the right decision because I still loved the shaker look as well!)  The cabinet order had already been placed at this point so I had to decide quickly!

Even though I had debated on shaker for a while, my 'decorator' husband was definitely against that one because he thought they looked too much like the Vermont ski house...
I guess he just can't envision these in white...

So I went back to focusing on raised panel, which I always loved anyway.  After all, many of my favorite kitchens have raised panel cabinets and it helped to show my husband these inspiration pictures.

Like I said, the cabinets will be White Dove (but not glazed like the above picture) the island will be stained and the floors will be wood (but a little lighter than the floors above.)

Here's another look I love:

I think I might even buy those lanterns above.  I love how the floor and beams make the kitchen less formal.  Too bad I won't be adding beams (or marble) to mine...

Here's another example of the white with the stained island.  My floors will never be that shiny though!  (Not with kids and a golden retriever!)
source unknown

And probably my favorite kitchen:

This is the view I envision when you look in the kitchen from my dining room.  

Just to refresh your memory - here is what the view looks like now...

And once again,
here is what it could look like...ahhh
As you can see, all the photos above have raised panel doors, yet most all white kitchens we see these days have shaker doors.  Up until this very moment I wonder if I made the right decision.  I am hoping that the raised panel will always be classic.

There are so many kitchens with shaker cabinets that I absolutely adore as well:

Love this...
via Houzz

Then there is another one of my favorites
that kind of looks shaker but is a simple raised panel. 
via Houzz

I keep going back to the look of a traditional raised panel door.
In fact, this was my inspiration picture (about 3 years ago) 
when we decided to renovate the kitchen...

I still love the look and needless to say I didn't change my order.  My husband feels a little more comfortable with my choice.  I am sure my kitchen designer is relieved even though I will probably second guess my upcoming decisions - counters, back splash, sink, lighting...

What are your thoughts on white kitchens?

Do you prefer a shaker or raised panel cabinet?
Is one more timeless than the other?
(Don't worry, you won't stress me out if you choose shaker!)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Fresh Start to the Week

We are back from our spring break ski trip in Vermont.  I will be spending the day enjoying the warm sunny weather before the rain arrives this week....

Thanks to everyone who commented and emailed 
these past couple of weeks.

Your kind words meant so much to me and
I feel so blessed to be part of 
such a wonderful blogging community!

Enjoy your Monday!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Reason for the Unplanned Break

I usually blog just a few times a week so you might not have noticed I haven't posted in awhile.

Everything began with what I think was the flu a couple weeks ago.  After recovering, I had to rush around last week putting together a school event for Thursday night.  I was basically going non-stop.  Even the night of the event was crazy because after cleaning up at school, we packed up the car and left our house at 9:00 p.m. for a long ski weekend in Vermont.  Yeah, it's a 4 1/2 hour drive but we were all looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.  I was also looking forward to getting back to a more regular blogging schedule this week...

Sadly, while we were in Vermont, we received a call from family that my father in law passed away unexpectedly.  Needless to say, we rushed home immediately.

I don't get overly personal on my blog but I felt the need to share this heartbreaking news with you.  We have an extremely close knit family and this wonderful man was the epicenter of it all.  I loved him like my own father and we will miss him terribly.

I am going to take a few days or so to spend time with family so don't be surprised if I don't post for awhile.  On the other hand, I may be inspired to write more - or at least stop by some beautiful blogs to escape some sadness for a bit.

Please give your loved ones an extra hug today and remember to appreciate every moment you get to spend with them.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Emerging from the Storm

Quite the stormy week around here...

We began with a delayed school opening on Monday.
Then the big storm hit Wednesday night
and school was called off for Thursday.

The kids (and the dog)
were in the backyard playing in the snow by 8:30 am.

Rosie could have stayed out there all day!

And I think we ended up with 7 to 8 inches
on top of what we already had.

The boys worked hard on shoveling the sidewalk.

But by evening we wondered if the snow plow guy 
would ever show up and clear the driveway!

 Luckily by this morning we were plowed out
and back to school!
(With a 2 hour delay of course!)

But the snow wasn't the only "storm" I had to deal with this week.  Last Friday night I felt a little tired when we took the kids out to dinner.  Didn't think much about it...Then later that night I woke up with a slight fever which turned to chills, body aches, congestion, sore throat....Let's just say I haven't had the best week.

I can't remember the last time I was basically useless for days.  A couple of the days I literally stayed in bed almost continuously.  I really only started to feel better yesterday and even then (and now) I couldn't do much because I feel weak very fast.  Drinking tons of hot tea, resting and eating chicken soup has pretty much been my routine.  My eyes were watery and I had so much head congestion that I didn't even read much.  Basically, I flipped though TV channels, read some of my favorite blogs and scanned through Instagram.  So I want to thank all you bloggers out there who provided me with pretty things to look at and allowing me to keep my mind off of being sick.

And I want to thank Rosie for keeping me entertained....

I think she knew I wasn't feeling well 
because she was right by my side all week.
(When she wasn't prancing around in the snow with the kids!)

Love this dog.

And thank you to my wonderful husband for taking care of dinners, dishes, kids, homework...just about everything.  The house ran surprisingly smooth this week besides the occasional brother disagreements and bedtime shenanigans.  Thank you to my darling boys for "tucking me in" and making me love being your mommy even more!

Feeling sick really makes you appreciate all the things in life to be thankful for...just as a loooooooonnnngggg snowy winter really make you appreciate spring!  It's gotta be here soon....

How is your weather?
Has anyone come down with the flu in your house?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Inspiration and Shopping

Don't you just love this living room?

Not only is the room classic and inviting but it has given me inspiration for colors and textures for my family room.  If you have read some of my recent posts, you know that we are in the process of renovating our kitchen,  Our orange-tinged oak cabinets will be replaced with white painted ones.

My kitchen is open to the family room so I have been trying to envision how the new white cabinets will look with the warm colors of my family room.  Since we are also replacing the floors with hardwood, I am feeling more confident that I can achieve a similar look to the inspiration photo.

We all know how one project seems to snowball into another so of course, now I think I want some spindle chairs...

I discovered a few stores which carry them.  Here are a few options:

So what do you think of spindle chairs?

Even if you are not in the market for these chairs,
at least do yourself a favor and check out
the architect's website where I found the inspiration photos:
You might recognize his name because he designed the
HGTV Dream Home 2015!

Speaking of the Dream Home, I wonder when they will be calling me to say that I won?...

What are you working on these days?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Where Can I Put the Baker's Rack?

I get questions all the time 
asking where I bought my baker's rack.  

I even wrote a post - Where Did You Get That Baker's Rack?   

It's not an expensive piece of furniture 
but it does add an overall warmth to the kitchen.  

I frequently change the accessories on the shelves 
to reflect the seasons or holidays 
and I keep cookbooks in the cabinets below.

It really is a versatile piece.  
I guess that's why it's so popular with people who read my blog.

The other day while I was obsessing over the layout and other details of my kitchen renovation, I wondered to myself - Where Can I Put the Baker's Rack?

That divider wall to the left of the baker's rack will be gone
so the cabinets can run along the whole wall.

The cabinets will go to the ceiling so I will have much more storage.
I really don't need the baker's rack in here anymore.

But where can I put the thing?

With a china cabinet already in the dining room,
it might look strange in there...

But I don't think I want to get rid of it yet...

So what do you think?

Paint it and try it in the dining room?

Sell it?

Keep it in the basement 
until we possibly build a screened in porch in a couple years?

I would love your thoughts or suggestions!

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Choosing Appliances

If you have read my blog lately, you know that we are fully renovating our kitchen.  The layout is almost complete and we are about the order the cabinets...that is - after I can commit to the sizes of the appliances.
As you can see, we currently have a wall oven (that we never even changed to stainless steel when we replaced the rest of the old appliances years ago.)

This time around I am going totally different...Instead of the practical wall ovens, I am going with this:

Yes, a 48 inch dual fuel range.  Sure I will have to bend over to use the ovens.  Sure I have a bad back so this is probably not the most practical choice for me...but I just love the way this is going to look with a range hood something like this...

And my cabinets will be white too so this gives you a good idea of how my kitchen could look.  I love it so much even though the practical side of me tells me to practical!

And technically I am being practical because even though I would have loved to buy the expensive Wolf range or even the Thermador, I went with the Jenn Air.  Sure, it might not be as "flashy" as the other two brands, but Jenn Air is a great brand and I am happy with my choice.  As with many appliance deals, I get a free dishwasher with the purchase of the range.  

We are not buying a new refrigerator because ours in in good shape and since it's counter-depth, it should look ok with the new cabinets.  

I would have loved to buy a built-in refrigerator but if I am splurging on this crazy stove, I really cannot convince my husband we need a new fridge too.  The microwave will be a Jenn Air and we are still deciding on the placement of that before the cabinets are ordered.

So, I guess you could say, I am making progress.  I cannot believe how many decisions there are to make!

What kind of ovens do you have - wall or range?

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