Saturday, September 20, 2014

Deciding on the Porch Decor

Now that we've had some chilly days here and there, 
it's about time I started thinking about 
my front porch decor.

Here is how it looked two years ago,
because apparently I never took a picture 
last year!

And the year before that...
That little white sign is from when we were "spooked"
You can read about that HERE.

Anyway, this year I am thinking about hanging a wreath on the door...

Maybe something like this...
I think it would really stand out against the black door.

I plan to use the urns I bought this year...
I will refill them with either pumpkins or mums.
This picture was taken in the spring but believe it or not
the flowers are still alive!
Shocking since I have such a black thumb!

I will also add a few more mums around 
and possibly a lantern or two.

So that's my plan!

And now that I am finished with my school event obligations, 
I can get decorating!

What are your plans for your front door/porch?

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rosie's Throwback Thursday

Hello there!
It's me, Rosie...

Remember when I was this little and cute?

My mom misses those days.  

She also misses all of you this week while she works on a school event.  

I thought I would stop by to say hello and let you enjoy my puppy cuteness while she gets things done.  I don't think she will mind.  She doesn't even know I can type!

She looks forward to catching up with all of you as soon as possible.  

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Love, Rosie  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hall Closet Clean Up

My back hall closet was getting a bit out of control...

The hats, scarves and gloves 
were overwhelming the little baskets on the shelf.
I also wasn't properly utilizing the hanging shoe rack on the right.

 The coats were looking sloppy....
and this picture was taken after I already got rid of a few!

And the floor had become a dumping ground for anything and everything!

But after only a few simple updates, 
I was able to make the closet a little more organized!
 I bought some bins from Walmart
 to hold the loose scarves, hats and gloves.

Since I needed more floor space...
 I bought a bamboo shoe rack to help organize the shoes and boots.
(Most of our everyday shoes are kept on the shelf in the laundry room.)

Cheap and easy to assemble!

 I cleared out the coats we were no longer using, re-hung some that were hanging on hooks in my laundry room and made sure I used all wood hangers for a cohesive look.  I decided to use the hanging shoe rack on the right to hold additional gloves and cold weather gear, since we have so much of that!

 So with a few quick changes, the closet was a whole lot neater!

I was so motivated, 
that I decided to buy a shelf for the garage.  
(And put it together myself, I might add!)
It looks like some of the closet overflow will make its way out here!

I guess the change of seasons
makes me want to get things in order around my house!

Have you been doing any organizing in your home lately?

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Recycling Your Denim

Today I am running around preparing for an upcoming school event but I am also going to swing by the mall to drop off these...

Yeah, quite a pile, huh?

I try not to contribute to land fills whenever possible
 so I never throw out old jeans.  

I feel bad donating the ones with holes in them 
so the old pairs just pile up in my house
 until a local retailer sponsors a recycling program.

Luckily, I received an email recently that J. Crew and Madewell are collecting old jeans in their stores.  J. Crew will collect until September 30th and Madewell until October 6th.  They are also providing a $20 credit toward a new pair of jeans for your donation!  Needless to say, I will be donating!

This collection is a campaign  run by Cotton - Blue Jeans Go Green who collects old jeans and recycles them into insulation.  If you don't have a J.Crew or Madewell store near you, you can also mail in your old jeans.  Just scroll through the Cotton - Blue Jeans Go Green website for more information.

Great idea huh?  Just doing my part to go green whenever I can!

Oh, and by the way, I am NOT being compensated in any way to mention this campaign.  I just like to pass along helpful information to you when I can!

Do you have any old jeans you can donate?

Friday, September 5, 2014

1st Week of September

I seriously cannot believe it's September already!  My kids finally started school this week.  Yes, I know it sounds a bit late but most of NJ starts after Labor Day!  It's been a whirlwind of a week and I am happy to get back to more of a routine - although I am not happy to be waking up extra early again!

This year I took on an extra project - Homeroom Representative for my 3rd grader.  It makes things a little extra crazy around here because I also host an annual school event in September.  Now I really have to keep myself organized!  I know I said I wasn't going to say yes to another volunteer project but this is my 6th and last year co-chairing the annual event so I think I can handle the Homeroom Rep for the year...although the next few weeks might be insane!  As soon as I got my kids on the bus yesterday, I had to run over to the school to the Homeroom Rep  meeting.  You might remember on their first day last year, I at least got to savor a few minutes of peace and quiet! - Quiet.

And as much as I have loved having my kids home all summer, I had to re-watch a YouTube video of my favorite back to school ad - Youtube.  And I really cracked up when one of the dads started singing the song at the bus stop yesterday!

Have you been watching any of the US Open Tennis?  My kids both play tennis so they are getting more interested in watching.  Maybe next year we will head into New York to watch a match.  I was so spoiled years ago because one of my best friends used to have all kind of connections and we would get in for free with pretty decent seats.  Then years later she worked for one of the racquet companies and was able to get us seats in a luxury box.  Ahhh the perks of a fun job!  I just shared this picture on Instagram the other day.  Do you remember when Andre Agassi was super hot with his blond hair?
 I am really dating myself now!  But seriously, he was so much fun to watch!

I was so sad to hear the news that Joan Rivers passed away.  Not only was she hilarious and unapologetic for her comments but I think she was genuinely a good person and an animal lover as well!  Here is an article that mentions her love for animals plus a few things you might not know about her -  5 Things You Never Knew About Joan Rivers.  I also loved watching her on Celebrity Apprentice.  She shined in her challenges on the show and displayed her strong business sense.  She and Donald Trump seemed to have a mutual respect for each other and I loved how they interacted.

Speaking of loving animals, I will end this post with a sweet picture of my little love.  To think that years ago I hesitating buying a dog!  And even a couple weeks after bringing her home, I questioned if it was the best decision...
Then somehow she stole my heart...and there was no turning back from there!

Have a great weekend everyone!

How is your first week of September going?

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tip for Saving Money on Magazine Subscriptions

Are you paying too much
for your magazine subscriptions?

Well, you might be if your magazines are up for renewal and you previously chose the "Automatic Renewal" option.  This happened to me so I thought I would pass this tip on to you.

The other day I received one of those little courtesy postcards in the mail informing me that one of my favorite magazines was scheduled for "Automatic Renewal" in the next couple of months.  I didn't think anything of it and I almost tossed the card in the trash until I looked at the rate I was being charged:

Term:  1 year
Special Rate $27.97

This "special rate" didn't seem like any kind of "special" deal to me, especially since I have been subscribing to this magazine for many years.  So just for fun, I decided to check their website to verify their subscription rate.

Well, well, well...what a surprise.  The current subscription rate is $25.00 for 2 years or $15.00 for 1 year.  And I was about to be automatically charged $27.97 for 1 year!

So, needless to say, I called the customer service number and explained my situation.  Luckily, the representative was very accommodating and changed my renewal rate to the current subscription rate quoted on their website.

Now I am paying $25.00 for 2 years instead of $27.97 for 1 year!

So next time you receive one of those "Automatic Subscription" notices in the mail, be sure to check the current price to make sure you are getting the best deal.  It doesn't hurt to ask for the lower price!
Do you have any quick money saving tips you would like to share?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day Weekend...So Far...

I think spending time at the beach 
is the best way to wrap up a wonderful summer!
 And these past few days have been beautiful at the Jersey Shore!

 Although the first day or two, the waves were rough 
from an offshore hurricane...

The ocean calmed down more each day
and ended up being perfect for body surfing!

But my husband and boys needed even more thrills
so I held my breath while they rented a wave runner.

I think I grew a couple more gray hairs this weekend!

A craft fair was in town
so we did a little browsing.
At least that was a calm activity for me!

Overall, it's been a perfect weekend so far.
Unfortunately, I don't think the weather is supposed to be this beautiful
 for Labor Day!

Goodbye Summer 2014!
It's been a good one!

How has your Labor Day Weekend been so far?

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