Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Fun with PicMonkey

Did you happen to notice that PicMonkey 
has a some special Halloween themes?
I played around a bit and doctored up a few pictures
using their standard themes and fonts...

 Take this picture of me for instance...

I could add a bit of the Comic Book Theme...

Or a disturbing mixture of zombies and vampires.

Something eerie maybe...

 Or maybe just "ghostify" my picture!

Or just a silly Halloween greeting!

And if you have PicMonkey's Premium Upgrade,
there are a ton of others to choose from.

Have fun playing around.
It's quite addictive!

Have you tried the Halloween features on PicMonkey yet?

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Foyer Vignette

Recently, I stumbled upon a local farm stand 
which was selling loads of mini pumpkins.

And I just had to fill up a bag with these gorgeous white ones!

 So far, I have used a few in my recent table setting
and now some have moved out to the foyer.

Everything started out all white, brown and gold out here
but on this cloudy day, I added a bit of color to liven things up.

 Maybe when it gets sunnier I will change my mind again...

 But for now the punch of color seems to work.

 And I think the tiered stand is the perfect way 
to display the pumpkins.

So this is how the foyer will probably look
until the kids start insisting
I start adding some Halloween decor out here.
After all, this is the place all the tricker-treaters get to see!

Any recent finds inspiring your decor?

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Front Porch

Although we don't use our front door very often,
I love to decorate the porch for each season.

This fall, I added a ton of color!

The boots and sunflowers are basically a prop for the photo shoot.  Not realistic to keep them out there when my crazy golden retriever runs around stealing things all the time.  Plus the boots will get all wet inside with the upcoming weekend forecast...ugh...I guess I will be wearing them!

I never really know what direction I will go in.  In fact, I had planned to use a wheat wreath and some lanterns...but then that never happened.

I did make sure I used my black urns though.

I couldn't find a wheat wreath I liked (for a good price) and I don't have the skills to make one myself, so I went with a wreath I bought on sale at the end of the season last year.
I love the bright pop of color against the black door!

And speaking of color...

I took a chance with my not-so-green-thumb and bought some mums that hadn't fully bloomed.  I figured if all goes well (I don't kill them), they will slowly bloom during the month of October and be big and full and colorful for Halloween!

I love the way they look in the urns 
and the yellow flowers are really starting to stand out from far away!

Hopefully, the weather will stay chilly for the next few weeks so the pumpkins don't rot and the mums don't droop.  I also have to keep the deer away from those mums.  Crazy country living...

And although the boots were fun to add for pictures, 
this is how my porch really looks everyday...

Happy Fall to you!

Have you decorated your front entrance for fall yet?

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Another Model Home Tour

A couple weeks ago, I took you along on a tour of a Toll Brothers home.  I mentioned there were two decorated models in that neighborhood and today I am taking you into the second house!

You've waited long enough, come along and have a peek...

This model is known as the Chelsea Savannah.
Who wouldn't love a porch like that?!

 Especially, when that porch has this lovely view!

 I seriously would be out there all day.

Let's go inside... 
 To the right of the foyer is the formal living room.

 And here is the foyer where we are standing.

 To the left is the huge dining room.
Love the molding and colors in here.

Could you imagine the fun dinner parties?
Maybe if my dining room looked like this, 
I would use it more!

  The family room was huge and full of light.

 And I loved the bay window in the office.

 Here is a powder room with a tiled wall.

 I love the way the dining area of the kitchen
overlooks the family room but is still separate enough.

 Oh, did I mention the kitchen?!!

 Excuse me while I hyperventilate over it's gorgeousness!

 Let's put it simple...I want this room!
White cabinets, huge island, wood floor, huge windows....

 After tearing myself away from the dream kitchen,
I stumbled upon the sitting area of the in-law suite option.

 Here's the bedroom...

 And the spacious bathroom.

 Back around the corner is a mudroom.
A little out of focus, but you get the idea.

 And a nice laundry room with a huge window.

Let's go upstairs...
 My boys were with me that day and headed straight
to the boy room.

 Love the colors, love the headboard wall...

Love the dinosaur theme...

And what kid wouldn't love a tepee for a closet?!

 And what couple wouldn't love a huge master bedroom like this?!!

 It just went on forever...

 Why don't I have a sitting room like this?
And see, there are two entrances to the master bath.

 And two water closets!!

 The shower and tub separate the two sides of the room.

 And here is the other water closet on the other side.

 How nice to each have your own space
yet be in the same room.
Love it! 
 Here's another pretty bedroom.

 With an attached bath. 

 And another bright bathroom.

 With a colorful bedroom next door.

Gorgeous house, don't you agree?
While this one didn't have a finished basement,
the covered porch makes up for it!
 What a place to sit and enjoy the fabulous view!

 Sit down, have a cup of tea.
I will be out here reading my book...

As mentioned in the previous house tour - HERE,
these two models are located in a new neighborhood,
in the town of Flemington, NJ.

If you are ever out that way, be sure to stop by and see the homes and this neighborhood in person.  My blurry cell phone pictures do not do them justice.  Who knows, you might want to move to NJ!

What room was your favorite in this house?

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